Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie review: We're the Millers

We enjoy this movie very much, yeah thanks to dear to accompany me to watch this movie. We have good laugh from start to the end of the movie.

Rose (Jennifer Aniston) is striper in the movie, wow she has got the fantastic figure! I mean her body!

This movie about drug dealer named David Clark, he needs to go Mexico to pick up drugs but he cannot go just like that because he's worry of get caught. He needs fake family to go and he found Rose as her wife, a boy Kenny he's 18 year old virgin and a street girl named Casey. Other than that, there's a fake baby!

This movie is only for 18 and above because of many bad words use, which I think 18 years old above only can understand. The conversation consists of adult topics in the movie.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movies marathon week for me

I am excited yet, yeah last night watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, today is Elysium and tomorrow is KL Zombi.

Yeah too bad son is scare of zombie even funny zombie he has no interest to watch. Giving my dear a break for today, so I bring son to watch Elysium tonight. Tomorrow dating my dear to watch KL Zombi. I watched the trailer of this movie funny!

Son's scares to watch Paranorman, I remembered watching this with my classmate. :D

Monday, August 19, 2013

A world traveler and culinary enthusiast

I love reading during my past time, how about you? Reading is relaxing and we gain knowledge from reading too. I am reading about Chantal Royer. With Internet access we can read online from anywhere anytime. This is related to travel and Italian food, talking of Italian food I know my son likes Italian food. My son enjoys eating the pizza with crust and light mozzarella cheese.

Do you like to travel? I like to travel and I find that Chantal has experience adventure during her travel. She is a world traveler and she appreciates Italian food and culture. She has travel around across United States to try many Italian foods.

Chantal Royer loves cooking by learning to make traditional Italian food at home; her favourite is pasta dishes with ingredients of eggplant to seafood. I know it sound delicious, you can check out the website for more detail. I don't know there is green paste sauce, I found out from reading about her.

The website I visited is user friendly and easy to browse, you get to read about where she finds the Italian-American restaurants. If you like traditional Italian cuisine, you will like to read more from the website.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Watching The Conjuring alone

Today is my lucky day, yeah I get to watch The Conjuring again. I didn't know that many people are interested to watch this movie. I bought a ticket from MBO cinema RM14 sadly unable to use my MBO card because their system down! The hall 2 almost full with people, yeah free seating today because their system down.

There is Magic Show at Subang Parade, not really interest me as I am hungry and head to Rotiboy!

Knowing my boy loves Rotiboy, now they having purchase 5 Rotiboy signature buns RM11.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Almost vomit in bus back from Hatyai

It is a long day in the bus, yeah and bad traffic jam you could tell it is all day in the bus from morning through middle night. We reached PD at 3am, yeah early morning! If we didn't go Ipoh for dinner, opps should be supper by the time we reach at night. We would have back to PD much earlier I think.

For few moments in bus which I almost vomit because bus driver always step on the brake due to jam. Why bus and not aeroplane? Well it is much cheaper by road.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cambridge talk this Sunday in ss17 subang jaya

Just to share with you there s a talk about education if you have interest send your child to private school. They will be opening next year.

For details call them at 03 5637 9988

Monday, August 12, 2013

Looking for ninja blenders

My sister-in-law loves cooking and she been telling me of her interest to find ninja blender. She used other brands of blenders before and they disappointed her, they are easily damaged and cracked. She says with signs of cracks she is scare to use it. She heard of ninja blenders from her friends. She has twin daughters to care so she knows nothing beats a mother's love by preparing them the food that she prepares. With twin daughters, she knows her limit of time in the cooking.

With Internet access today it is convenient for us to shop online; she needs to care for her twins so she prefers to shop online. I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse, they have reviews on the ninja blenders. I am sure she will find the suitable blender.

Talking of blenders, I know that my friends love cooking and they told me of how good it is having blender in kitchen. With ninja kitchen in kitchen, they save up plenty of times in preparing delicious food for loved ones.

Choosing the suitable blender is not just about the cost but the overall size, weight and satisfaction. Don't just read here, if you have same interest just click on above link.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Movies: Smurfs 2 and Percy Jackson: sea monsters

Son's exam is over, hooray! Yay I am not sure how good and bad he gets, well at least he try his best. I know he's not the best student in class. Many other classmates like him not able to concerntrate in studies.

Here's good news for him, he gets to watch movies with me. Yeah I won two passes to watch Smurfs 2, and Percy Jackson: Sea monsters.

Woo.. can't wait to see cute blue Smurfs ... :D

What's your plan for next week?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Movie Review; Killing Season 2013

I watched the movie Killing Season with my dear at GSC Paradigm Mall. I can tell you that the movie running time 91 minutes, it's not a long movie. But this movie filled with action pack! If you love actors Robert De Niro and John Travolta, you will like to watch them both torturing each other in the movie.

The movie is related to war, Robert De Niro as Benjamin Ford, he's old retired army. John Travolta as Emil Kovac he was once shot by Benjamin and now he's back for revenge! What happened in the war? You will see dead people in the train and blood spilled, yeah this movie is rated 18 and above!

Both of them are good in bow and arrow! No kidding, the skilled of Benjamin hits Emil in the face! Yeah lots of blood spilled in the movie, some parts are comedy but not everyone understand it. Many vulgar words in the movie.

This movie is a fight between two men!