Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie review: We're the Millers

We enjoy this movie very much, yeah thanks to dear to accompany me to watch this movie. We have good laugh from start to the end of the movie.

Rose (Jennifer Aniston) is striper in the movie, wow she has got the fantastic figure! I mean her body!

This movie about drug dealer named David Clark, he needs to go Mexico to pick up drugs but he cannot go just like that because he's worry of get caught. He needs fake family to go and he found Rose as her wife, a boy Kenny he's 18 year old virgin and a street girl named Casey. Other than that, there's a fake baby!

This movie is only for 18 and above because of many bad words use, which I think 18 years old above only can understand. The conversation consists of adult topics in the movie.

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