Monday, August 19, 2013

A world traveler and culinary enthusiast

I love reading during my past time, how about you? Reading is relaxing and we gain knowledge from reading too. I am reading about Chantal Royer. With Internet access we can read online from anywhere anytime. This is related to travel and Italian food, talking of Italian food I know my son likes Italian food. My son enjoys eating the pizza with crust and light mozzarella cheese.

Do you like to travel? I like to travel and I find that Chantal has experience adventure during her travel. She is a world traveler and she appreciates Italian food and culture. She has travel around across United States to try many Italian foods.

Chantal Royer loves cooking by learning to make traditional Italian food at home; her favourite is pasta dishes with ingredients of eggplant to seafood. I know it sound delicious, you can check out the website for more detail. I don't know there is green paste sauce, I found out from reading about her.

The website I visited is user friendly and easy to browse, you get to read about where she finds the Italian-American restaurants. If you like traditional Italian cuisine, you will like to read more from the website.

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