Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movie for tonight cancel

It looks like tonight we will be staying home because movie for tonight cancel. I won two paases to see Bullet to The Head in Midvalley tonight.

I know my dear sleeps quite late at night, he will be tired and sleepy so better stay home to rest. I know we can always catch up to watch movie but it would be difficult to catch up on sleep. I will let my dear rest so no going movie but we will have quality family time.

Last night was a long time for me to sleep too, too much coffee yesterday!

How to maintain relationship?

Thinking back how many years we have been dating and finally get married plus having kids. I know I am not getting any younger but I want to enjoy life so I have made a date with my dear to go for movie.

There is no short cut in relationship, you need to cherish and give time plus love for it. Some of my friends are looking for relationship, it is not going to be easy because they know age is catching up on them.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Son likes to play drum!

I love to see my boy in action, look how happy he is playing the drum. I am happy that he asked me to snap picture of him playing drum. If you like to try out playing drum go ahead, the drums are availale on the stage of Subang Parade. I saw many kids and teenagers there to play the drum.

Talking of drums I saw some drums selling in some places and they are not cheap! Anyway I have to take care my small boy now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Service car@Glenmarie Perodua

On Monday I called up Perodua for service car, indeed very good they called me back within half hour to inform me the date and time available. I prefer to slot in morning because in the afternoon I need to fetch son from school. My mileage is very low just 7,000 plus because I seldom drive far. You know I don't know most places out of town; I only drive to places that I know.

Tomorrow is Public Holiday; wish you Happy Holiday and what's your plan?

Okay got to go, time to service car!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Personal shopper for son today!

This morning I head to school early and drop by a shop, I found some good bargain corner so decided to shop for son. Well it is not toys but things he can use like exercise book and drawing paper. I bought one block of 18 pages drawing paper RM2 from the shop, the school is selling at RM2.20.

Talking of shopping my friend and her family early morning took flight to China. She has booked the flight tickets last year and they are on family trip. I am happy she gets to go places with her loved ones, I hope she enjoy her trip as she only back by end of this month.

God of Prosperity Walkabout will be on this Saturday and Sunday at 3pm in THE SUMMIT USJ. I am going to tell my dear and see if we have time to go, I like going this mall so much! Acrobatic Lion Dance at 1pm tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clothes and bag for nursing home

This afternoon my parents came by and I gave my mom the clothes and bag, so she could pass it to nursing home where she's staying.

The clothes are mostly new and some just wore once, I am plus size cannot fit in them anymore. It would be better to give them then just left it in my closet. The leopard print bag still can be used as shoulder bag not sling bag.

I know the new owner will appreciate them, it is sad to see some people living in nursing home seldom have family members to visit them. I am glad my dad took time off to bring my mom out to stay for few days.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I love order Pizza online

Yes I find it is convenient to order pizza online but problem is I often forget the username and password. I seldom order pizza hut unless there is no water at home, yes today no water and night I have movie date with my dear. So best order pizza for my children and family member to eat as no water difficult to cook.

I am going to order the cheesy lava for the pizzas, yeah two pizzas because we can eat again the next day if unfinished. Oh I don't know that the price has increased! Oh boy! I just added one garlic bread on the pizza, the pizza I choose Hawaii Chicken and Tuna Sensation! Both with cheesy lava because my son loves to eat the side of it!

This already cost me RM60.40. Do you like to eat Pizza Hut?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Acitivities in school optional

Today I received a letter from school asking to go for activities or not in school. One of the sports activity cost RM150 for 12 sessions only. Frankly speaking I find it expensive and the session is held every Saturday. I don't think many parents will sign their children up for the activities because they need to go back school on Saturday.

I don't know other activities in school fee will cost because I have only receive a letter. I will wait to see the rest of activities option and timing of the activities.

Do your children take up any activity in school? Do they provide any fee for the school activities?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old picture of me with sunglasses

Yeah above is picture of me taken few years back and here comes my new hair style if you check my other blog. I have got a Guess & Win for you, simply click on the link to find out. I still prefer layered hair style and told the guy to cut it layered.

Hair is now shorter and lighter, feels so good and still I can tied up the hair with hair band. Talking of hair ban soon I have giveaway on flower hair band, yeah stay tune on my blog yeah!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Children with high fever

It is new year and my son has high fever since Friday night, yesterday I took him to see doctor at clinic. The doc gave three medicines it cost $50, today he sees doctor with five bottle of medicines and blood test to test for dengue fever. The doctor informed they have two cases from Kelana Jaya admited hospital.

I didnt know the result yet as hospital today is packed and i was told to call back in another hour. This time the cost of seeing doctor $280. Oh my, now you know i have reason to have less children due to income.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Are you interested for free stay at hotel?

Last week I received a call from the same lady that called me the other day offer the free stay at hotel. It will be great if the free hotel stay does not come with terms and conditions. It looks like anything can be possible and some people willing to try their luck head to the hotel and sit for the talk for an hour talk.

I love freebies just like my friends but I would consider if it is worth to go or not. Some friends share nice workshop with me but I unable to go because I don't know the location. I seldom get off out city unless I have to.

Yesterday I head to an event in Midvalley and I out from the mall 6.30pm but reached home 8pm. Yeah, terrific jam because of after working hours and rain in the evening until night. Many cars on the road, so it is better to be safe than sorry drive slowly, what's the hurry right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rewrite primary school time table

Looks like I will be having a long day today because I need to copy my son's school time table to his little book. Yeah the teacher mention this in class and parent need to help their children to write it. I did write it but I didn't know I need to write in the little book. Teacher even mentions that needs to write them in Chinese language. Hmm.. long time no write in Chinese language.

Short journey to school ending up half hour to reach home by car! Yeah it looks so near but traffic is to blame because some irresponsible parents simply park their car at the road sides. It is a two ways road became one way because of the double parking.

There is umbrella booth police set up in between the two schools. I saw three of four policeman sitting there.

Today first day of school gives me the feeling like in cantonese saying "pui tai zhi tok shu". This is meaning accompany the price to study, yeah indeed it feels this way!

Okay got to run as need to write his time table to little book and pack his books for tomorrow class.

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