Friday, January 18, 2013

Personal shopper for son today!

This morning I head to school early and drop by a shop, I found some good bargain corner so decided to shop for son. Well it is not toys but things he can use like exercise book and drawing paper. I bought one block of 18 pages drawing paper RM2 from the shop, the school is selling at RM2.20.

Talking of shopping my friend and her family early morning took flight to China. She has booked the flight tickets last year and they are on family trip. I am happy she gets to go places with her loved ones, I hope she enjoy her trip as she only back by end of this month.

God of Prosperity Walkabout will be on this Saturday and Sunday at 3pm in THE SUMMIT USJ. I am going to tell my dear and see if we have time to go, I like going this mall so much! Acrobatic Lion Dance at 1pm tomorrow.

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