Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rewrite primary school time table

Looks like I will be having a long day today because I need to copy my son's school time table to his little book. Yeah the teacher mention this in class and parent need to help their children to write it. I did write it but I didn't know I need to write in the little book. Teacher even mentions that needs to write them in Chinese language. Hmm.. long time no write in Chinese language.

Short journey to school ending up half hour to reach home by car! Yeah it looks so near but traffic is to blame because some irresponsible parents simply park their car at the road sides. It is a two ways road became one way because of the double parking.

There is umbrella booth police set up in between the two schools. I saw three of four policeman sitting there.

Today first day of school gives me the feeling like in cantonese saying "pui tai zhi tok shu". This is meaning accompany the price to study, yeah indeed it feels this way!

Okay got to run as need to write his time table to little book and pack his books for tomorrow class.

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