Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giveaway Akhir Tahun 2012 dan Awal Tahun 2013 oleh hoey yeo

I like giveaway and knowing this giveaway I love to join!
Giveaway is open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

My unforgetable moments in year 2012.
1. Having giveaway at this blog for follower to win movie to watch Life of Pi.
2. Give grandma last respect before her funeral service because I am unable attend.

My wish for 2013, keep doing things I love in blog sharing more giveaway at blog.

Giveaway ends on 24 Jan 2013.

Click above banner to take part!

Lots of prizes awaiting the winners!





5.BLOG Review di Blog Neeza.(5 PEMENANG)

6.BLOG Review di Blog Shasha.(4 PEMENANG)

7.Package Ruangan Iklan dekat blog Xiao selama 1 bulan. (2 PEMENANG)

8.Bloglist Dalam Blog Neeza selama 3 bulan. (10 PEMENANG)

9.Bloglist Dalam Blog Shasha selama 1 Tahun. (1 PEMENANG)

10.Limited Edition Rubix Bag worth RM69.00 oleh The Sisters Shopping House. (1 PEMENANG)

11.Purse GUCCI berwarna pink atau merah yang bernilai RM90.00 oleh Lucky Love. ( 1 PEMENANG)

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Happy Moments

Just for your info and my info I clicked the iPhone5 Gadget Impian and I am number 347 in G+. :D
I have chosen below picture for my entry of My Happy Moments because I find that the happy moments
My son and I took part in Guardian Charity Walkathon at Sunway Beach Surf, it is wonderful day for us. There's no rain and we have fun at the beach, he plays the sands trying to make sand castle but failed.

I am happy I am being there for him, being parent we don't want our children to get hurt or bully. On the day itself I saw two other children stealing his sands and he unable to do anything about it. I asked the two children to go get their own sands instead of stealing my son's sand at beach.

It is a day where we will never forget, the fun at Guardian Charity Walkathon. I purchased the same t-shirt to wear with my son. It is a meaningful day for us. He never forgets about the two children that took his sands away from him, until today he still asking me why they take away from him.

Contest My Happy Moments dianjurkan bagi menyahut Cabaran iPhone 5 Gadget Impian

I am tagging three bloggers, they are ...


Now if you like to take part in Contest My Happy Moments just click above link as it ends 31 Dec, 2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

YVES ROCHER make-up workshop RM30

It is going to be new year 2013, have you got a plan for it? Why not get start with YVES ROCHER makeup workshop? Yeah it is RM30 workshop you can click on the link above for more detail.

Limited seats only so hurry up, call them now!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is movie Upside Down worth to watch?

I won two passes to watch the movie tonight but it seems I may not go for this movie. I checked online for the movie review and find out that it seems the movie maybe not worth to watch. Of course I have not seen the movie myself I couldn't say if it is worth. Other people have seen it and reviewed the movie.

My dear prefer to stay home for rest, if there is no rain in the evening I can go out for evening walk. Yesterday Christmas evening we head to Sunway Pyramid, we had meal at a restaurant near to BMG fruits stall.

Now do you want to know whose the winners of Christmas Giveaway and skin care beauty sales!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giveaway Presents for Everyone!

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win giveaway Presents for everyone , you can take part too just click on the link to find out.

Good luck! I love the giveaway so much.. just check out what you can win!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last winner of Life of Pi movie passes!

I am so happy to say that I have got the detail of last winner of Life of Pi movie passes! This time I am using Pos Express as not having enough time to queue at Post office. The Pos Express is LG110840055MY, will try to mail it at Post Office today. Hopefully winner gets it by next week. :D

This morning I received another movie passes which I won to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The movie is rated PG 13 so I will bring my son and add ticket money for my dear to come along to watch with me. Yay! Happy moment for us, just three of us to watch movie again it. The last time we watched movie together in TGV Sunway Pyramid the Frankenweenie.

It is great to bring kids to movie before the school starts; yeah it will be challenge for him as he going to start primary school in Jan. Then you know I maybe need to cut down on going movies as he will need to sleep early to wake up early as school starts 7.30am.

Dining voucher and beauty gift voucher giveaway!

If you have interest to try out dining at the restaurant and skin care, why not check on out how you can win $50 voucher of dining voucher and beauty gift voucher. I am happy to say I have found the last winner for Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

Yay, it is a joyful month of giveaway. I can't blog much now as my dear is just back from work. :D

Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life of Pi *boy and tiger on the boat* must watch!!

This morning I head to post office using registered post for the winner of Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. Wonderful news to my followers on blog, I still have one more Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. You just need to complete the steps written in the blog post of giveaway. Make sure you check and click the links provided in each post, how difficult can that be?

The registered post number of 1st winner RD094037965MY posted today at Post Office. Let's give it a five working days to get the movie passes. :D

It is an interesting movie to watch even though it is not based on a true story. I love island in the movie but not the creepy part where it can consumed people or animals. You got to see it yourself to find out. :D

Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

I have Life of Pi movie passes giveaway, the winner gets to use the coupon to redeem two passes to watch Life of Pi. Yesterday I watched the movie with my son at MBO Subang Parade.

How to take part in to win Life of Pi movie passes?
1. Be a GFC follower of my blog Sherry Rambling and My Mom's Best
2. Comment in this post my movie review on Life of Pi. *click link*
3. Click Nuffnang ad you see on this blog and my mom's best, one click will do thank you!
4. Leave a comment in this post why you want to win the movie passes and who you watch it with.
5. You need to above all in order to take part in Life of Pi movie passes giveaway.

Giveaway opens to my blog follower with valid address in Malaysai for me to post the movie passes. I am not responsible for lost of the movie passes after I post out at mail office.

Besides that don't forget to join the Christmas giveaway, click on the link to find out.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Grandma funeral service on Wednesday!

I am sad to say I may not able to attend my grandma's funeral because my dear's still in hospital. My cousin told me that her funeral service will be on Wednesday and sixth uncle is not yet back. He is only back on Thursday by flight from Australia. It would be a teary moment for everyone, everyone will need to pull themselves together. My grandma is my mom's mom and knowing my mom loves her mom, I know she will be crying her hearts out on the day. I hope she is strong and I know I cannot be there for her, I want to be because I need to be with my dear how can I go?

My dad will need to be side by side of my mom as I worry of my mom will collapsed. She has diabetes and one time she collapsed seeing my grandma's condition in old folks home.

About the HDU where my dear is put under, they are many old patients there and he's the youngest. I just called the hospital to ask the charges at HDU. They charge $298 a day, he already spend a night there. Today they will move him to normal room.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shit blood seven times!

I have bad news to share, I am sad to share that my dear started to shit blood yesterday morning. He has shit blood in August and doctor has fixed it by clip his intestine which is bleeding. The doctor inserted the tube from his backside, yes it is painful for him!

There is DVD of the process inside his intestines, it is scary and most of family members not dare to see it but I have watched it. The doctor mentioned that there is some black dried spots in the intestines which mean it maybe bleeding stopped or will be bleeding again.

Anyway doctor told me the last check up that after 12 months see him again if there is no bleeding. But sad to say it is less than half year and it started again!

Yes I am worry and he's now in Emergency room at hospital, he told me to go home rest first so I can go again to see him. He told me he is like in ICU, they even asked him for $30K deposit! OMG!! I don't have $30K or $3K and he don't have such money too, anyway company insurance got covered. Madness... he told me they worry his condition worsen.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How I gained many blogs?

I love blogging, ever since I start blogging I fall in love with it. I can feel free to share my thought and things that interest me. I have taken part in contests/giveaways too and I won the domain and hosting for a year. Yeah just a year then I need to renew them if I want to keep the blogs.

I have lost blogs too because some irresponsible blogger didn't keep their promise. I never forget about iblogaholic which I won, I was only given three months of using it instead of a year and I lose this blog as the blogger no longer reply to my emails. She's long gone? I don't know that for sure.

Talking of blogging only recently I find out that we cannot upload all the pictures that we wanted. It is because there's space limit on the photo storage. I need to start to resize my pictures too if not I need to delete all pictures under the same account of blogger. Having many blogs are good but sad to share with one account only the photos can be limited as I share some pictures in my blogs. Therefore I need to delete pictures which I found no longer useful namely banners or badge or photos.

How about you? Do you have blog, if yes how many blogs you've got?

Christmas giveaway to win cute top,Hello Kitty shoes stud

I love Christmas and if you miss out the giveaway at my blog before fear no more because a giveaway just started. Check out Christmas Giveaway for your chance to win goodies from me, yes I haven't update that TOP REFERRAL get mystery gift from me. :D

Come join the giveaway this Christmas/Holiday season! I am happy that I have many luck in contests winning of movie premiere mostly. Yeah the movie premiere gives me chances to see movies for free with my friend, my son or my dear. :D Each movie has different movie rated so you know not all movie suitable for kids.

Last movie I won to see with my son is Wreck It Ralph, he loves it. I am happy to see his smile, the movie is interesting from start to the end. :D It is suitable for parents to bring kids to watch or love birds! I now know the name of the game that I used to play it is Tapper!

Now don't just read here head to my giveaway now!

Monday, December 10, 2012

RM200 cash voucher for winner 60,000 Total Pageviews

Yesterday I want to update this blog but unable because I cannot login to website at all from computer due to virus infections. Very bad my pc caught 25 virus! Stupid virus attacked my pc, I am not sure what caused it my dear told me it was some loading file that caused it.

Anyway above you are looking at the World of Sports RM200 cash voucher for the winner Lina, she print screen and let me know in my Facebook account. She's the winner of 60,000 Total Pageviews. It will be good time to use the voucher for this Christmas. :D

Last night head to Carrefour for grocery shopping and passby the mail box of Post Office. I dropped the Pos Express in the Pos Express box. Last night grocery shopping cost me RM130 and the groceries cannot filled up the trolley.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

25 virus my pc got infected

now using my Samsung s3 to update blog here. I am unable to update post with my pc. it is infected by virus once open try go website not allowed.

by the way, there is winner of 60, 000 total previews. I hop send out prize via Pos express in this week.

now I sick have fever,  flu , and cough.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life of Pi Contest

I am so excited to know that I won two passes to see Life of Pi, it is a movie director by Ang Lee. I haven't watch this movie and I am sure my son is excited just like me. I am unable to go Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya to collect the passes and I opt them to mail me instead. Yeah there is a mailing/postage charge for it, it aint cheap too! Who want to guess how much it cost?

Oh ya yesterday evening I received a call from a lady named Juliana, no idea who she is and she started to introduce her company and packaging available for beauty! Yikes... where she got my number and my name? Whose the monster behind passing my cell phone number to her? Anyway she none stop talking how good is her company products, asking me to find a day go there. Yeah the place so far and no idea where it is I have no interest to go either.

Talking of beauty products, you want to know the beauty box in town tomorrow! Yeah no kidding, we have got beauty box in Malaysia too. If you like to know how you can get your hands on RM38 beauty box click on the link. Just for your information beauty box in Singapore cost even more RM60.

60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway@Sherry Rambling

This is fun and excited for me, I am sure you have not forgotten the 50,000 Total Pageview Giveaway in August. Now it is October my blog have gained 54,850 total pageviews. I am excited to have 60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway.

You just need to print screen once you get the 60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway, you see the right bar of blog now there's the number rolling every time you come visit. Now I have got 52 GFC Follower for this blog. This giveaway open to my follower who has address in Malaysia to mail the Prize. Yes now you can start follow my blog using the GFC if you haven't.

After you have print screen of 60,000 Total Pageview, don't forget to blog it at your blog then leave comment of the link post. If you don't have blog you can put in your Facebook account and tag me make sure your account is set to Public so I can view it. So you see there are two option to submit your winning 60,000 Total Pageview to me. :D

About the Prize, I will post it on blog soon. In the mean time, don't forget to check out GUESS & WIN CONTEST!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Purging going restroom many times!

Oh yeah that's me again being strike to go restroom so many times. It started yesterday noon and in between all the way until morning. Yeah than it stopped for a while then it started again! Oh boy I am so tired and I drove myself to the nearest hospital instead of clinic because clinic there has no parking space. I am the only one that sick and nobody else got it except for my baby whose teething.

I told my son not to use my restroom, it is big NO because virus can spread fast! Today I see the doctor cost me RM74 I have been given three types of medicine to eat.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Audrey Queen of The Day Contest

It is awesome this morning I head to Audrey as I have been invited to be part of their judging panel of Queen of The Day Contest, yeah I will write up this post more detail in what every gal want. So be sure to check out the blog soon.

Fun day for me to get to know other bloggers too. This is held at Audrey out at Sunway Pyramid. :D

I stick around at the mall for few hours before heading home. I purchased a shirt for my dad and for myself at PDI. Hey folks! PDI having three days sales and the shirts each only RM13. I also bought the two sets of earrings each at 50%.

There is one party I hope to join tomorrow but sad to say I don't know go Publika Boulevard. Frankly speaking I have not been to this shopping mall before. I asked around my friends and they too don't know how to go.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Busy delete pictures from Picasa Album

I noticed that I cannot upload anymore pictures because I have used up the storage space. If I want to upload more picture it didn't allow unless I pay a monthly fee for it. So now I am trying to delete as much pictures as I can from the picasa album. Wow, I cannot believe that I have been blogging since 2008 and you know so many pictures in the album and I opt to delete those that I don't need to use anymore.

Looking back at the pictures it brings back all kinds of memory, yeah from good and bad memories mix of feeling towards them! Life goes on and I know if I don't let go the past, there's no better future.

I haven't tried uploading any picture yet perhaps I should try it now? Yeah done upload a picture below! It is sponge in water as you can see? Yeah this is part of the Avene workshop I took part! You can read at my other blog. The sponge is so hard, I used so much of mineral water/drinking water from Sunway Resort to absorb the water. :D Everyone has got one big bowl with sponge inside infront of them.

Okay my hands are tired, I have been deleting pictures and there's more to delete. I will need time to do that, I find it easier to delete using the iPad than computer!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph- movie with my son!

Yes tomorrow night is the movie premiere with my son, he's excited to watch Wreck-It Ralph with me. It is sad that I didn't win any passes from the Hot Magazine that I purchased. Yeah if you check out Hot Magazine they is free movie passes available but you need to be among first 60 to email them! Oh sad I didn't win from the magazine that I purchased, in fact I bought two of the magazines thinking that if I emails two times I will get four passes so I can invite my dear and my son to watch with me.

Anyway God must have better plan for me, it is movie with my son! Yay, instead of going to Paradigm Mall for the movie, I won to see the movie at MBO Subang Parade. Yes! We will need to go early as to find parking, yeah I know the parking fee can be costly. I don't want to park outside, I am afraid of dark!

How about you? Have you seen any movie with your loved one recently?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink hautl for mystery gift!

I am loving these earrings, they are cute aren't they? I bought them when I was window shopping at a mall. I am going to wear one of these above earrings to go Avene workshop tomorrow morning. Yeah I have booked myself for the workshop, going to be awesome learning of skin care even though we know of it. But hey not going to hurt to know more of it skin care.

Since I am going to haul for pink in my mind just choose all pink earrings. :D

There's a mystery gift given if participants wearing pink or salmon pink colour on the event. Yeah so you see, tomorrow I will be pinky! Oh well not really entirely in pink. I am afraid to say that I have gained weight and the pink pants I need to weight until I lose weight to wear it.

Gonna be more hard working on the walk and put on the hot pants. Okay now I need to prepare myself for the walk now. Have a nice weekend ahead. :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Will it be the last movie with my son?

My son is having a week class this week and he didn't know that when January start schooling the time will be different. Now his time of schooling is short, he starts school at 8.30 to 12 noon. He gets to eat breakfast at 9.30 am, he is happy to go the school.

I win movie passes to see with my son, it will be next Tuesday night. I am sure he will likes this movie Wreck It Ralph! He's been telling me he has interest to watch the movie.

Next year I am not sure if he's able to watch movie with me at night because his class starts at 7.30 in the morning. Oh well, I know I probably cannot go for movie because I need to teach him to do homework. It takes quite long time to guide him if he's taking sweet time to do.

Are you a parent with school kids? How old are they now, do you need to guide them or you send them to tuition? One parent told me that she send her son to nearby house at school and it cost RM380 and her second son will cost her RM350. The fee inclusive of meal and she can choose either let her children do the homework there or tuition there.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Indoor pet potty

I love puppies and talking of puppies my friend is looking for suitable puppy at her apartment. She told me she has interest to know of indoor pet potty because she stays at apartment. My friend loves her dog but it passed away due to illness. She knows she can never find replacement for her dog; it will always be in her heart.

She found out that her apartment accepts pet dogs and cats. She is very happy of it; some apartments restrict owners of having pets. Anyway I told her of the website to check out the potty training a puppy fast and easy, it will be up to her to check out the website.

Do you know that The Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) is only available on the website? If you have friends interest to know of the indoor pet potty, they can visit the website. They offer two types of payment options; you can choose either one payment discount or monthly payments. If you have interest to know more you can give them a call by phone toll free at 1-888-494-4806 or read up their FAQs.

Don't just read here click above link for more details, they have other useful information namely for dog breeders, breed weight chart, and others.

Seeking for help

If you know anyone in need of help would you help them? Talking of help, I would want to know what type of help they need. Just take a look at Morningside Recovery you know that this is where people seek for help to get rid of their bad addiction.

People who need help in get rid of drug addiction, video game addiction, alcoholism, and mental health recovery can get start from here. You may think that video game addiction is nothing, many people like to play video game but they do not know how to manage their time. It is sad to say that something bad happen to a couple because of their addiction they neglected their baby.

I visited this website and find they have useful information you need to know of their treatment. They offer outdoor activities, it will be great for them to go for rock climbing, kayaking, sports, hiking, beach retreats, camping and so much more.

If you know anyone in need of help, don't just sit back. Let them know there's change for recovery. You may contact the Morningside Recovery at 866-382-2806 any time as their line is open 24 hours. Life is short, cherish every moment with your loved ones.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Power nap for three hours

I have been at home all day except going out to pack food home and eat. I didnt go Starbucks for the free drink, how about you? I had three hours of power nap at home, it is good for beauty sleep. I think of going to mall then it will be very crowded with many cars and people.

I gained so much that i know some clothes does not fit me well anymore. I got lazy no wear the hotpants, okay i need to wear it tomorrow. Yesterday no luck for me two restaurants i headed, one no open another food sold out.

Well i think of going Genting or Melaka but money is one concern. Better settle some debts first because they will not run away!! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coca Cola Cap for me

I was at Sime Darby Healthcare the other day, I saw this cap at the newstand. My sister-in-law and my son were coughing, I decided to purchase two bottles of coca cola for them. They added salt in the drink to ease their sore throat and cough. I also bought the coca cola cap for myself. It is my first red colour cap!

Anyway they are still coughing, they have medicine to drink too. They usually take at night, my baby also coughing. Not only him but I feel like I am starting to cough, the doctor says its the environment and weather that make everyone sick now.

It's raining heavy here now, I know I need to announce winner for Guess & Win soon on my other blog. In the mean time, I am here to update this blog.

I am excited that my dear won passes to see premiere screening of Pitch Perfect. Yeah I want to go with him to see the movie. Yes a date with him this coming Wednesday night, thank you my sister-in-law for caring the kids while we out for movie! Love ya!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Smiley pants spotted!!

Wow I didn't believe my eyes and I know I need to snap a picture of it. Yeah this is my first time to saw a man wearing smiley pants! Well it is not a joke, I didn't find it funny either. I just find that he's daring to wear it in public. I am sure my dear has no interest wearing such pants. He is very particular of his pants and he choose his own pants!

I am always on the look out for cute pants or shirt for my son. The other day I found a cute shirt for my son but think again, it doesn't fit him at all even though it is size L. My son is gonna be seven year old next year and the doc today saw him, saying that he looked like he's in standard 2 size! Next Friday is party day so I am thinking what he would wear for party, it would be his choice of clothing of course. :D

This morning was at clinic to bring my baby to see doctor, he has cough and flu. The bill is expensive, it comes with two bottle of medicine for my baby!

Almost forgot I haven't post up the Prize for 60,000 Total Pageview giveaway on this blog. Well, I haven't decide on the Prize yet. I know still have the time just look at the Total Pageview still long way ahead. I know Total Pageview and UV are not the same.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack (Giveaway)

This month is happy month for Eqbal Zack he's turning 38 this 12 November, oh yeah! He has wonderful giveaway over his blog. Check out Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack (Giveaway), you may click on the link for detail. I have hard time to paste the pictures here and even save the picture to try load here but cannot. :(


TWO[2] winners

Him/her will receive a Black Wallet and Red Purse by Alain Delon (Original)

FOUR [4] winners

It’s the original miniature from DKNY and RALPH LAUREN!

Join now, because FOUR [4] of you (him/her) will win a bottle!

TEN [10] winners

TEN [10] PARTICIPANTS will receive Eqbal Zack (EZ) Limited Editon Fridge Magnet

You cannot see any picture here, I'm sorry so no worry click on the link above to check out his giveaway! This giveaway ends on 12 Nov, 2012. Winner to be announce on 19 Nov, 2012.
Above picture of my son, hehe... shouting? His wishes by posting a picture! Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack!
Good luck!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Free voucher stay@Palace of Golden Horses

I am sure you know of the hotel Palace of Golden Horses, I received a call last Saturday morning asking me if I have interest to stay the hotel for free. Of course who wouldn't say no right? But think of it, do you think there's really offer free stay for you? Everything comes with terms and conditions. I was told that this offer only for married couple and you need to attend their one hour talk at the hotel.

You need to bring along credit card during the talk, yeah they won't say what is the credit card for exactly. Anyway about the an hour talk you need to listen to it and after the talk only you can get the free voucher stay for two plus free dining for two at the hotel. They mention that the free voucher stay also comes with other hotel, it is up to you on which hotel you like to stay.

Funny I don't know where they have got my contact number, the lady is in such hurry asking me to register. She says the talk is daily and weekend available too, the talk will be held three session each day so depend which time you would like to listen the talk. You need to pay RM6 for the parking at the hotel.

She told me that she will call me again after my consideration. I didn't want to make any commitment even though it sound too good to be true they give you free stay. Oh well, nothing is free in this world! I told my friend and they inform me that they often having this type offer and you only to get the free voucher stay when you signed up for their membership!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

World Walking Day with Nestle Good Food, Good Life

Yesterday morning we see crowd from far and we parked the car at roadside, I saw the crowd queue far away. I know they must be collecting the free shirt. We also queue up for the shirts, my dear in charge to collect t-shirts of XXL, XL and L. I am in charge to go collect M size shirt for my son.

Above picture you see crowd waiting to start the walk but the spokeman takes so long to get it start and everyone got confused to start front or the back. Everyone turn back thought going the back to get start but actually it is start from front!

There's light exercise but mostly we are looking then follow them to exercise because lack of space to do it. Below picture you see my sister-in-law infront yeah she's the one pushing the stroller while I picture her back and my dear holding son's hand for the walk.

Look my baby is excited to get start the walk, sister-in-law and I manage grab some balloons for the kids. My son so happy having the balloon in hand, we have got some balloons for the stroller so baby can play. I can say some children couldn't take the walk it is tiring for them, some of them end up crying. They are not alone my son too started to cry because he says his legs are tired. We had few rests while walking, they are benches available through out the walk.

I don't know that World Walking Day started three years back! It is our first time to join the walk this year. After the walk we are given drinking water, then we need to go queue for the drinks. Not many booth available for food and drink, I manage drink three cups Nestum while queue to grab honey star for my son. It would be better they set up more booth for food and drinks it is long queue for everyone to get, imagine parents with children like us need to go queue how many times to get the food and drink.

There is no need to show the coupon to get the food and drink. However if they can produce pack of food and drink in bag would save us lots of trouble.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping for my mom!

I have been busy and lazy as my pms has visit me since yesterday night. Lucky I bring my pad along so I don't have to buy any. Above is picture of product review I have made in what every gal want.

Below is haul I have done much earlier, all of them below you are looking at belong to my mom. I will be seeing her this Sunday after the Nestle World Walking Day. She's not able to walk for long distance so I didn't sign her up for the walk. However my family members will be joining this walk hope it will be good weather for us! I pushed away the Sasa Turf Selangor Club event just for this healthy walk!

My mom told me she wants to wear short pants however, I don't want her to wear very short pants so above pants are just nice for her. She's living in nursing home, but weekends my dad would fetch her out for home stay. The blue comfy seater I purchased from Daiso, blue colour cushion with sakura flower. Yay! I can't wait to see the dad, twins and my bro/wife.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess & Win @My Mom's Best

Yes if you love guessing here's the Prize you are looking at, they are three items in the Prize for one lucky winner. You will need to blog the Guess & Win in your blog post in order to start guessing.

Today I have plan need to bring my son for dentist this afternoon, then go Tropicanal City Mall with my friend. Yes my classmate will be the one driving so need open wide my eyes on how to go! But coming back will be blurr as it will be night. We will catch movie tonight it is premier movie that I won to watch!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breakfast@Carrefour Subang Jaya

This morning head to Carrefour because I need to go Post Office, after that I head to food court for breakfast. I had tosai and teh ice RM3 only! I waited my friend to come, she went grocery shopping. My friend didn't orde anything because she had breakfast at home before come to Carrefour. She told me that yesterday she head to Tesco and Carrefour no vegetables to purchase but today manage to purchase.

I bought a jar of yogurt drink, two bottles of vitamin for my baby, a bottle of hand wash. I like to dine at food court carrefour, I usually eat the roasted chicken rice. I tried the Asam Laksa but too spicy for me!

I called the dentist clinic today to make appointment for my son to see dentist on this Wednesday. His teeth needs filling, the last visit was June.

I have plan on this Sunday, how about you? If you are in KL and you are free you may join the Sasa Malaysia contest at their Facebook for the Sasa Event of year 2012 in Selangor Turf Club. It is happening this Sunday from 12noon to 5pm. I want this as backup plan but sadly I haven't been to Selangor Turf Club.

Movie review: Frankenweenie

This premier screening of Frankenweenie, this morning I watched it with my son. It is Halloween as you know so you will expect many movies related to it. This movie suitable for kids, we get to watch it using 3D glasses. Our first time to watch this movie in 3D, we didnt know of it until we saw the 3D glasses on the table waiting for our collection. The 3D glasses are comfortable to wear, my son has no complain of it.

Frankenweenie is about a boy lost his pet in a car accident, the Sparky runover by the car as it fetched the ball in mouth trying get back to his master. His teacher taught in class about how to get the death back to life. He experiment it on his pet dog, he digged his pet cemetary grave and bring the pet home to ethnic. With thunder in the night and lots of volts electricity, he managed to wake up his pet dog. One of his classmate found out and wanted him to show how he did it. Soon other classmates found out of his secret on how to get the death back to life. They want to win the project so each of them find an animal and experimented them.

Guess what? Not all experiments go as plan, one of the pet changed to huge giant! Find out how the boy going to save the city and his friends life. Do you think the city folks would let him keep the pet dog once they know its dead and back to life?

Talking of Frankenweenie, would you bring your kids to see this movie? At first a little girl was scare to watch but with accompany by parents she quietly watching it. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movie Review: Sinister "not for the weak heart"

Yesterday happy night for me, I almost worry that I cannot make it to see the movie because we are out from the house late. I waiting dear anxiously for going to Midvalley. There's no traffic jam while going there in fact we reached there by 8pm. I queue up for collect ticket and super fast I have got the tickets to see premier screening of Sinister.

Both of us got scared twice in while watching movie. Oh well, actually he got scared thrice. Yeah unexpected sound effect got us a shock! If you like supernatural horror film, yes you must see this movie. Movie is rated PG 13, well I think it is more than that definitely not suitable for kids.

The movie is about the true crime writer novelist Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), he moved in the house of crime scene and he discovers a box of home movies at the ehnic of the house. Creepy right? There's no box of the home movies at the crime scene but after he moved he saw it. He wants to find out where are the missing children after the murders of the family. The children of each family he saw in the home movies, they are the missing children.

Ellison Oswalt has a wife, two children a boy and a girl. The boy Trevor always get nightmare and one night he came out of the carton box in spooky way! His sister Ashley loves to draw on wall and his dad limits her to draw only in her room. One night her mom found out she drew a wall at the hallway wall. A girl on the swing who was one of the missing girl that's his dad want to find out. He saw the face of the one filming the home movies. He printed out the picture and clip it on his wall of crime scene. Psst.. the picture of the face he saw, the face can move! His dad couldn't sleep well at all, every night he heard someone playing the home movies film in his office.

I would say you never know what's the ending of the story until you watched it. Of course you can read all about it. I suggest you to see it yourself to find out the ending of this movie.

Get Chic Limited Edition Organizer@One Utama

Oh yes this this nice right? Who wanna get your hands on the Chic Limited Edition Organizer? It is so easy you just need to spend RM150 and above (either in a single or maximum two receipts on the same day) at any ONECARD participanting outlets to purchase the lingerie organiser for RM12. This is for Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Campaign from 8th to 31 October 2012.

One Utama will donate RM2 for every lingerie organizer purchased to BCWA.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Movie Review: Ted (Teddy Bear)

Last night I manage to watch the movie Ted. Ted starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi. This movie is comedy and suitable for 18 years and above only!

This movie is hilarius I laugh almost all the way from start to the end of the movie. John Bennett is acted by Mark Wahlberg, and it is about his teddy bear comes to live during his childhood when he was eight years old. He made a wish the night getting his present, he doesn't have friends in the neighbourhood. Being the only kid at home, he wants a best friend and he got it! Ted the teddy bear.

John Bennett aged 35 years old living with his girlfriend and Ted. One night Ted brings home four whores and one of them shit on the floor! Yes no kidding you can see shit there and John Bennett's girlfriend need to clean up the shit. I am not gonna say it, but I can say it is so funny, you got to watch it to find out!

Yeah Ted found a girlfriend in his new job! He got promoted every time his Boss found him did something wrong. What's wrong? Emm.. .you better see it yourself. :D

Whores is Pelacur, pelacur berak najis di tempat tinggal girlfriend John Bennett.

By the way there is Guess & Win contest, click link to take part.

Six passes premiere to watch Sinister

Yes it sound so good with six passes to watch Sinister. Sadly I gave up four passes of it because I dont know how to go Tropicanal City Mall. Yesterday I found out I have win the passes but sadly none of my friends are free to go with me. My dear does not know how to go there too.

Alright so left two more passes which we can see at GSC Midvalley, we are looking forward to see it. I hope there is no rain to ruin it, the jam is terrible heading to MV and last night saw two polices summon a car for going the emergency land.

Rainy days mean no playground for me and my son. Last night my dear and I watched TED! Yes a must watch movie for people above 18 years old.

About horror movie, my dear is not fan of such movie, indeed he dislike them! I can't wait to see his face after he watched the movie.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Unable find Tropicana Office Tower

Today is a brave day for me, because i drove alone with my son to uptown damansara. But sad say i unable go Tropicana city mall or the office, i dont know the route. I coming back time need pay toll so scare i am gonna be lost.

I not yet redeem sports voucher i won from Red fm, need to collect at their office. This wednesday will be movie night for me as i won passes go watch premier movie. Yeah same night different location, I get to choose movie in Midvalley or Tropicana city mall. Sad got to say even my deaf dont know go tropicana city mall.

How about you? Any movie plan? Tomorrow night movie at Midvalley with my dear, i turned down go Femala Fashion Walk as time clash. The gal told me the fashion walk in The Gardens end 10pm. Hey my movie start 9pm, their show start maybe 7.30pm but 7pm must be there. I have period soon no mood go alone for fashion, a friend late reply me she has interest go but I have turned down the offer last Friday. The event is need wear colorful!! Love the theme sadly unable join.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My leopard print bag almost broken

I am so sad as recently I saw my favourite leopard print bag almost broken. The side can be seen broken soon, I sew it back but I am not sure how long it can last. I don't know if I can find such wonderful bag again. I love this bag it can be sling bag or shoulder bag.

This morning there is no water and I need to shower in cold water. This afternoon I bring kids and sister-in-law to nearby restaurant to eat. I just dyed my hair when I am free I will upload the picture.

At this moment my baby just fall asleep in sarong, yeah no sarong will be difficult for him to sleep. He will see the place too if going to cousin house he will refused to sleep even at my dad's place.

School holiday soon and I am thinking of plan a vacation but sadly I see my saving account, I am broke. I cannot afford any vacation, so nevermind just stay at home. I am eyeing on some water park in Selangor, I haven't been to water park in Desa Waterpark and Shah Alam waterpark. How about you?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hot Bed Theraphy@Ecoparadise The Gardens

This is my second visit to Ecoparadise The Gardens, I enjoy the 40 minutes hot bed theraphy. If you love being in sauna you will love this because it makes you sweat a lot. Yeah picture above is me after shower wearing the inner shirt I purchased from FOS warehouse sales, and purple top from One Utama.

The ginger drink however this time taste bad compare to the first time I had. During the 40 minutes, two gals sleeping not far away from me they none stop chatting in the room. The room can fit in four people at one time. If you see on the wall there's instruction saying that don't talk during the hot bed theraphy.

Talking about the FOS warehouse sales, yesterday we head there for lunch and I saw the sales at Carrefour food court. I manage to grab two tops, the tops cost RM14 which mean RM7 each. Yeah it is value for money to shop during warehouse sales! I wanted to grab a purple skirt but my sister-in-law says I am getting old and will be 40 year old soon so better don't wear that. :(

My sister-in-law bought four pieces, two shirts, one white cardigan and one pair long pants, her haul cost her RM27. She is 45 years old this Nov.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple casual look of the day!

Yesterday my sister-in-law told me she purging once and immediately asking me for medicine. Oh yeah I still have medicine left from the doctor I saw so I gave to her. She also took the medicine belong my son and eat, it is powder form put in warm water and drink.

Above picture me in the restroom, can you guess where the restroom of this place? I don't recall anyway last night my son's friend saying to him that your mommy is fat! Oh yeah I cannot deny that I am not fat, I am plus size mommy. I was slim during teenager time until I met my dear, I started having supper at night. I don't have supper at all during my teenager time, how about you?

I didn't wear my hotpants always so you can see my fat tummy! Yesterday I wore the hotpants sweat so much today I rest half day maybe later I put on hot pants in the evening for the evening walk. This month I am going to see doctor for sure he will screams saying oh you put on weight! Yeeyah... one month no exercise.

My favourite leopard print bag as you can see can be shoulder bag or sling bag. I bought this bag about RM25, I saw the exact same bag online selling at RM60 without postage!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beware of toilet bowls!!

Yesterday I suuposed to watch movie with my dear at 9.30 show at eCurve but sadly we didn't make it. My son fall sick due to vomit and puring. It started when he comes home from kindergarten he's telling that he's feeling want to vomit. He only had bread and milo for breakfast in kindergarten. He purging once in the afternoon but vomit six times. I know something wrong he's not well, I bring him to go Emergency at hospital to see the doctor. The doctor asked if anyone in the family fall the same, well I did on Tuesday was me purging and vomit.

My son shares the same toilet with me so he often use my toilet which mean the virus and germs passed from there. Now I know why people does not like using public toilet! The virus and germs passed very fast... this morning my dear message me that son's kindergarten got a kid got purging and vomit yesterday. Hmm... now think of it, the sickness is passed by me or the kindergarten?

Most important is my son's health gets better, this Saturday is important day for me it is Concert day!

There you go, he's wating to see the doctor in the room. He gets a number and he had first milo there later second milo bought from machine... after reached home.. he starts again vomit. Yeah don't listen to doc this is what happen, the nurse say no drink for 40 mins and he cannot wait must drink at once and finished fast too while I am paying the bill.

I see the doctor at clinic RM50 on Tuesday, he sees the doctor at hospital RM70.

I know it is not a good start for the month of October... for getting sick.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ironboy is here!

Oh boy! My baby boy loves playing with the red basket he puts it over his head. Well I think of him as Ironboy, what do you think? He would put the red basket over his brother's head too but his brother will block him from doing so.

Eww look at my baby put his tongue out to lick the basket. He's going to see doctor this month for injection. I supposed make his appointment for next week but looks like need to push to two weeks further wait for my dear to be free. It would be nice for him and me to go along to know what's baby progress and development.

Today I bumped into one aunt and she told me that children does not need to go many years for kindergarten. She says her children only went for one year of kindergarten. I don't know about those days but I remembered I went for two years of kindergarten.

I won two passes to see movie tonight, the Universal Soldier another is House at the End of the House. Both movie at same night but different location, I cannot make it for one of the movies I choose to go HATES with my dear.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top Commentator of September

Yeah this is fun commenting and I know there's only one active commentator in my blog. Who is the GFC follower?

She is Jemarisuri, with only three comments in this September. She's the winner of the month! Yeah!

Winner do email me your full name, address and contact number to sherrygo at hotmail dot com.

I am going to use Pox Express to mail the Prize, I am not responsible for the lost and damage of the Parcel.

Top Commentor Contest@Sherry Rambling

I love giveaway and contest, how about you? I love giveaway so much I am going to hold Top Commentator Contest for this Sherry Rambling , there will be surprise gift for the Top Commentator for month of September! There's a prize for Top Commentator of September for this blog yeah so let's the fun begin! Click link above to see the Prize.

How to take part this Top Commentator Contest? You need to be GFC Follower of this blog, you need use the same ID to comment in this blog. You need to have address in Malaysia so I can mail you the Prize. The prize will be send using POS MALAYSIA.

You may comment in my previous month's post too. I will be counting the comments. You may want to calculate your comments too.

So let's see who will be the Top Commentator of September 2012, comments ends 12 midnight Malaysia time on 30 September 2012.

Check below for two other giveaways having at my lovely blogs. :D

Giveaway is happening at what every gal want, click the link to find out how to take part.

Giveaway below is happening at My Mom's Best click the link for more detail.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giant on the bicycle

Well I should call him hulk on the bicycle, look at my son the bicycle given by his uncle so small for him! We have got the same for him but problem is the small wheels at the side of bicycle go sideway because of his weight! Bear in my mind that my son weights around 40kg now.

The small bicycle cannot fit him to use anymore, we need keep it for his bro to use. We are looking for new bicycle for him, we went to check the price the bicycle is so expensive! Looks like we need go to bicycle shop to check again, can you believe that a bicycle can cost RM300 more or less.

There is one uncle cycling at the playground and his bicycle cost over RM1000 because his bicycle can also use motor if he don't feel like cycling it. Being stay at home, I don't have income to purchase bicycle for him. Looks like we need to save money for my son.

I am glad to see my son wears sport shoes and socks to playground, I have seen broken glass at the playground if you are not careful you will step on it and injure your feet.

I have seen a boy carrying small knife in playground, he tried to fight another boy that fight with him another day. It is due to misunderstanding but the boy decided to carry knife to teach another boy a lesson! Scary what's the world are we living now?

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Batman Tanglung for my baby

My baby is excited when he's see the Batman lanter, I purchased it from Giant this morning. He cannot play with paper lanter that use the candle because he's too young. I bought this at Giant to match his outfit of Batman! I saw other design of lanter like Tom & Jerry lantern but I only see Tom, there's Angry Bird.

I tested the sound and light at Giant and happy to see it works wonderful so my baby can play the lantern on this coming weekend. It's going to be fun night to play with his cousins. My big boy decided to take the Batman lanter to play because he loves Batman too. Well they both can share this lantern as we will bring along the paper lanters and candles.

I bought the Drypers for my baby and he can wear the sunglasses! I choose the XL size for him, the Drypers I bought is the Drypers Drypants it comes with a pair of sunglasses. Yay who doesn't like freebie? Now at RM28.99 instead of RM35.99 for a pack this offer ends 26 September.

By the way, I am looking for school uniforms, can you suggest where to purchase? I didn't see any at Giant in First Subang Mall. I need to find affordable and good quality school uniforms. I have bought two pairs of white shoes for him and three pairs of white socks worry the rainy days!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Batman costume for my baby!

 This is one costume for my baby boy, yeah since he's so active he's fit to wear it! I bought this at Carrefour Subang Jaya, it is near the main entrance of Carrefour near the information counter of Carrefour. Look this costume fits him, I am happy that I purchased the size 8 instead of 6. I saw the size 6 is Superman costume but sadly it's too small for him.

At night I gave him the shirt to try on, he's just happy walking here and there. My dear wanted me to purchase the Superman costume but I saw the size just too small for him. If you like the costume you can also purchase them there, the stall will be operating until end of October if not mistaken.

Talking of costume, I can't wait to see what my boy is gonna wear for his concert. They have been practicing on dancing for many months. Teachers don't want the children to play outside hot sun worry they got sick and cannot attend the concert.

Talking of concert, they will be asking parent to purchase DVD, and photography!

I know so much spending for this year end as he's going for primary school next year.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution and Marcy Chia vouchers

Oh yeah I have got to say busy this month, so many happening for me. It is great month for me to enjoy movies. The above is prize I won from Sunway Pyramid contest. Yay! I love t-shirt and this is XL size for me. Good since I put on fat I need to cover my big belly! One aunt at playground notice I put on weight since I am not out there to exercise for a month due to Ghost Month.

Yesterday my first time to see the movie IMAX 3D in Sunway Pyramid, awesome totally different watching it at other cinema! I mean first time seeing it there is no 3D but this time there is! I still like Alice and she's the super woman in the movie, just like the Alien movie the same actress again. :D I forgotten the name of Alien movie the name of actress. I still love her very much, hope there's another Alien movie of her.

Oh below about the Mary Chia vouchers, there's one Coffee Detoxification Spa for the Top Commentator over at TH's Corner. Well if you want to win it, you got to participate in commenting!

Yes you can see they are two vouchers, take a closer look by click the picture.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First time@IMAX 3D Sunway Pyramid

I am so happy I get to see REsident Evil: Retribution in IMAX 3D Sunway Pyramid. I have not been to the cinema there for many years! The last time was with my sis and my dear it was more than ten years ago. We used to catch movie together usually late show! The TGV cinemas is big difference now.

Now with family and my sis became nun, life totally different! Anyway for chance to win Resident Evil: Retribution in IMAX 3D, you got to click the link to find out! Yeah you get the 3D glasses to see the movie. I have seen couple and single people watching this movie alone!

Anyway I saw this movie alone yesterday as dear's working! He's not gonna be happy to see this movie for second time since he's not fan for the movie. He only prefers the first Resident Evil movie.

I like to watch horror movie, it is one must see in my list! I didn't get to see all the horror movies. My son wants to cath a movie with me but some movies rated 18 years above so he cannot see it. 

About the IMAX 3D movie tickets, you can check online for the price.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prize for Top Commentator

Tomorrow is Saturday I am so happy because I have got appointment with my friend. I am going for yoga with my friend, frankly I have not been to yoga for at least eight years.
Tomorrow I am heading for anti-oxidant hot bed theraphy at ecoparadise in The Gardens. It would be my second visit, yay so happy! My friend Theresa already went twice for the theraphy, she went Monday and Tuesday. I told Sanny that I am going I am not sure if she going for the theraphy or not.
My friend Theresa got soak wet with sweat there, she didn't use the towel.

Above prize is for Top Commentator of September at this blog!

  1. breast self exam glove - for detail of this click link to read.
  2. yellow ribbon necklace
  3. best friend forever cell phone charm -handmade by Jewelry by S

Pastel Colour Pattern Polaroid Film Skin @RM15

Total 20 pieces of it, 58x90mm. Look at them below so pretty and cute.
I don't have Polaroid camera so I am plannng to sell them.

RM15 only!! Free shipping using Pos Express in Malaysia. If you have interest to purchase email me at
sherrygo at hotmail dot com

I check that usual price for this RM28!!

If you want them you better hurry, I only have one set.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Construction@USJ 9, Taipan

There is construction going on at USJ 9, Taipan look at the buildings and you can see that there's something not right. Do you know what's wrong with the picture? Just look usually if there's constrution the building will be cover up, but you can see there's nothing cover up at all. It is so dusty and dangerous for people walking by.

Near the shops they are a few tution conters and I can tell you it is rush hour during that period. I don't know what they are making out of this buidling, could you tell? Can it be a hotel?

I don't want to eat near this buidling at all, imagine the dusts in the air. Some restaurants still having business even though there's noise and dusts at the area. It would be better to eat inside the restaurant with glass doors closed.

Anyone have been near this buidling, any idea what they are doing?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Non-profit hospital system

I was browsing for non-profit hospital system and I found I visited this website and find it user friendly and easy to browse, they are non-profit hospital system comprising four historically distinguished New York City hospitals. The four hospitals are Beth Israel, Roosevelt, St. Luke's, and NY Eye & Ear Infirmary.

If you are looking for career opportunity in healthy industry you can visit this website. They have over 15,000 employees, and more than 4,000 nurses. Beth Israel Medical Center is Pre-eminent health care in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, Roosevelt Hospital is premier hospital for the Columbus Circle and West Side neighbourhoods, St. Luke's Hospital is Morningside Heights' premier hospital, and NY Eye and Ear Infirmary is the nation's most historic specialty hospital.

They offer full range of primary and specialty care, for more detail you may click above link to check it out. If you are looking for health service network New York City metropolitan region get start with this website. From this website you can find what's new at their hospitals. If you like to make a donation to one of the four hospitals click the link above. You can select the hospital that you have interest to donate.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunglasses from Uniqlo

Picture above is me!
Loving this cool sunglasses the one and only, well it belongs to my son. Do you remember that I bring my son to Midvalley in June during the school holiday for the premier of Madagascar 3 movie. That is the day I purchased the sunglasses, we love this shade so much and we share it.

Yesterday is not quite a good day for start, well my dining room flood! My area no water at night and somehow my son forgot to close the tap and somewhere in middle of night the water came and spill everywhere. Yes most of dining area and living area got flood, alot to clean and wash and throw away! Yes a time to clear too, found my lovely prelove Barbie Dolls with clothes and items which I used to play.

Later I will post up the pictures of my toys! My son was playing them but my dear does not like, he says it is not for boys to play!

Oh well about the sunglasses I check the store again in Midvalley and see there's no more available. I bought this at discount price during sales, it cost less than RM30. Umm... maybe RM25. I find uniqlo many clothes to shop but sadly not for plus size woman.

Today I may head to Midvalley again after getting my boy home and shower him. It would be first time to bring my baby and sister-in-law to go without my dear as he is working.

Cute zoo bag & lost in the car park@Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday morning we head to Sunway Pyramid and looking to go Sunway Lagoon, early in the morning before 8am we lost in the carpark while heading to Sunway Lagoon. We didn't know we need to go through the buildings of to go Sunway Lagoon, there's no sign at all. Well there is a sign far away at the building! Lucky we found the security guard on motorcycle to lead us the way, we are not alone lost in the carpark other peoples too!

Well my son is all ready for the Guardian Walkathon 2012 as you can see in the picture. He has the cute zoo bag which I purchased on Friday from SDMC or previous name SJMC (subang jaya medical centre). They are having the Persatuan Daybreak sales to help the disabled from Perak. I choose to purchase the yellow cute bag it is cute and lovely! Loving this two in one bag, as you can see the handle in the middle, easy to carry or use as sling backpack.

RM15 for this bag as you can see the below picture.
They are other items on sale to tissue box, hand carried bag, basket, children clothes, quilt, coin purse, etc. It is located at the lobby heading to the clinic lift at SDMC.
Oh yeah.. my son is looking left and right where to go as we are lost in the carpark, spooky!

About more detail of Persatuan Daybreak you can contact 03-323 5908/323 5909


Adults and
Encouraged and
Accepted in

Lot 75242 Jalan Pulai, RPT Pengkalan Pegoh, 31500 Lahat, Perak. Contact following as above!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adventure program

We need to take care of everyone that we love, if something wrong with them we need to be first to know. There are many things to do in life, cherish the time with loved ones. I am sure you like to know adventure program available in california drug rehab. Some adventure programs namely rappelling, white water rafting or under water exploration. The benefits of adventure programs give you the recognizing social roles, improve management skills, communication skills development and increased cooperation with others.

They provide drug treatment, addiction treatment, mental illness treatment, and dual-diagnosis treatment and outpatient services. Some people started in doing wrong things and fall in depressions, there's help for them. They are programs available for them; I visited the website and found the website user friendly and easy to use. I am going to tell my friends to visit this website for more details.

Some people are shy away because they don't know where to seek help. Talking of people who need help if you know anyone who is addict to play video game, you don't know they may need help too. Video game addiction can be scary, some people really forget about their life and family.

Restaurant Park Way @SS19 Subang Jaya

Have you been to this restaurant? It is Restaurant Park Way at SS19 Subang Jaya, you can never miss it. The restaurant can easily seen because it is facing the main roads, oh well I didn't know if my friends have been to this restaurant. My dear told me of this restaurant and we have been there several times.

I often eat the dry noodles with wantan, I see the stalls there are good in business especially the one selling nasi lemak. I tried the char kue tiaw but not very nice, I find it oily. If char kue tiaw I prefer to eat at Restaurant Foh Foh at SS15 Subang Jaya.

There is fruit rojak selling at this restaurant, they also selling Chinese kuih. Have you been to this restaurant?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fireup nail polish

I have fun time making my nails beautiful, well this is my first time to make fire up nail polish. There's gold and red nail polish I used in this creation.

My red nail polish coming out so I decided to add on the gold nail polish on them. I only have gold colour nail polish, I am thinking if I need to purchase yellow nail polish. Yeah you can say that I am crazy of nail polish!

I see there's many nail art items available for sale but I didn't purchase any of them. I just use the nail polish brush to make the above!

Monday, September 3, 2012

What are your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex?

This is my entry for contest submission - AXE Anarchy Island Getaway. Being mommy of two boys now I am sure you like to know my killer tips on attract the opposite sex.

My 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex are the following:

  1. Perfume this is easy and simple to attract the opposite sex! No kidding go ahead and try this out. This works for me when I was dating with my dear, he even asked me what perfume brand I am using.
  2. Send him a picture of yourself, I did that when before even we met each other. Did you know that I found him from Internet? Hehe.. he too send me a picture of him but you know it was not a picture of him only, there are two other males in the picture!
  3. Write him a poem, yes he will read it and feedback to you! Yeah I did this too!!
Above are my killer tips to attract the opposite sex! It works on me, care to share your killer tips?

Pappa Roti@Paradigm Mall

During the school holiday, I brought my son to Paradigm Mall. I parked basement and near the pet shop, using the scalator up Sean saw the delicious bread that he loves. He told me he wants to eat here.
You are looking at the Signature Chocolate for him, Papparoti Signature Bun for him. One coffee for me, I choose the hazelnut flavour.
There you go, you can see him enjoying the delicious bun! Yummy... next we head to GSC to purchase Sammy 2 in 3D to watch together at GSC Paradigm.