Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Movie Review: Ted (Teddy Bear)

Last night I manage to watch the movie Ted. Ted starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi. This movie is comedy and suitable for 18 years and above only!

This movie is hilarius I laugh almost all the way from start to the end of the movie. John Bennett is acted by Mark Wahlberg, and it is about his teddy bear comes to live during his childhood when he was eight years old. He made a wish the night getting his present, he doesn't have friends in the neighbourhood. Being the only kid at home, he wants a best friend and he got it! Ted the teddy bear.

John Bennett aged 35 years old living with his girlfriend and Ted. One night Ted brings home four whores and one of them shit on the floor! Yes no kidding you can see shit there and John Bennett's girlfriend need to clean up the shit. I am not gonna say it, but I can say it is so funny, you got to watch it to find out!

Yeah Ted found a girlfriend in his new job! He got promoted every time his Boss found him did something wrong. What's wrong? Emm.. .you better see it yourself. :D

Whores is Pelacur, pelacur berak najis di tempat tinggal girlfriend John Bennett.

By the way there is Guess & Win contest, click link to take part.


  1. best tak movie ni...long time x bercinema...^^

  2. @Mrs JemariSuri@mama QiSha

    yes it is best ni, laugh so much!!


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