Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ironboy is here!

Oh boy! My baby boy loves playing with the red basket he puts it over his head. Well I think of him as Ironboy, what do you think? He would put the red basket over his brother's head too but his brother will block him from doing so.

Eww look at my baby put his tongue out to lick the basket. He's going to see doctor this month for injection. I supposed make his appointment for next week but looks like need to push to two weeks further wait for my dear to be free. It would be nice for him and me to go along to know what's baby progress and development.

Today I bumped into one aunt and she told me that children does not need to go many years for kindergarten. She says her children only went for one year of kindergarten. I don't know about those days but I remembered I went for two years of kindergarten.

I won two passes to see movie tonight, the Universal Soldier another is House at the End of the House. Both movie at same night but different location, I cannot make it for one of the movies I choose to go HATES with my dear.

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