Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping for my mom!

I have been busy and lazy as my pms has visit me since yesterday night. Lucky I bring my pad along so I don't have to buy any. Above is picture of product review I have made in what every gal want.

Below is haul I have done much earlier, all of them below you are looking at belong to my mom. I will be seeing her this Sunday after the Nestle World Walking Day. She's not able to walk for long distance so I didn't sign her up for the walk. However my family members will be joining this walk hope it will be good weather for us! I pushed away the Sasa Turf Selangor Club event just for this healthy walk!

My mom told me she wants to wear short pants however, I don't want her to wear very short pants so above pants are just nice for her. She's living in nursing home, but weekends my dad would fetch her out for home stay. The blue comfy seater I purchased from Daiso, blue colour cushion with sakura flower. Yay! I can't wait to see the dad, twins and my bro/wife.

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