Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beware of toilet bowls!!

Yesterday I suuposed to watch movie with my dear at 9.30 show at eCurve but sadly we didn't make it. My son fall sick due to vomit and puring. It started when he comes home from kindergarten he's telling that he's feeling want to vomit. He only had bread and milo for breakfast in kindergarten. He purging once in the afternoon but vomit six times. I know something wrong he's not well, I bring him to go Emergency at hospital to see the doctor. The doctor asked if anyone in the family fall the same, well I did on Tuesday was me purging and vomit.

My son shares the same toilet with me so he often use my toilet which mean the virus and germs passed from there. Now I know why people does not like using public toilet! The virus and germs passed very fast... this morning my dear message me that son's kindergarten got a kid got purging and vomit yesterday. Hmm... now think of it, the sickness is passed by me or the kindergarten?

Most important is my son's health gets better, this Saturday is important day for me it is Concert day!

There you go, he's wating to see the doctor in the room. He gets a number and he had first milo there later second milo bought from machine... after reached home.. he starts again vomit. Yeah don't listen to doc this is what happen, the nurse say no drink for 40 mins and he cannot wait must drink at once and finished fast too while I am paying the bill.

I see the doctor at clinic RM50 on Tuesday, he sees the doctor at hospital RM70.

I know it is not a good start for the month of October... for getting sick.

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