Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movie Review: Sinister "not for the weak heart"

Yesterday happy night for me, I almost worry that I cannot make it to see the movie because we are out from the house late. I waiting dear anxiously for going to Midvalley. There's no traffic jam while going there in fact we reached there by 8pm. I queue up for collect ticket and super fast I have got the tickets to see premier screening of Sinister.

Both of us got scared twice in while watching movie. Oh well, actually he got scared thrice. Yeah unexpected sound effect got us a shock! If you like supernatural horror film, yes you must see this movie. Movie is rated PG 13, well I think it is more than that definitely not suitable for kids.

The movie is about the true crime writer novelist Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), he moved in the house of crime scene and he discovers a box of home movies at the ehnic of the house. Creepy right? There's no box of the home movies at the crime scene but after he moved he saw it. He wants to find out where are the missing children after the murders of the family. The children of each family he saw in the home movies, they are the missing children.

Ellison Oswalt has a wife, two children a boy and a girl. The boy Trevor always get nightmare and one night he came out of the carton box in spooky way! His sister Ashley loves to draw on wall and his dad limits her to draw only in her room. One night her mom found out she drew a wall at the hallway wall. A girl on the swing who was one of the missing girl that's his dad want to find out. He saw the face of the one filming the home movies. He printed out the picture and clip it on his wall of crime scene. Psst.. the picture of the face he saw, the face can move! His dad couldn't sleep well at all, every night he heard someone playing the home movies film in his office.

I would say you never know what's the ending of the story until you watched it. Of course you can read all about it. I suggest you to see it yourself to find out the ending of this movie.

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