Sunday, October 28, 2012

World Walking Day with Nestle Good Food, Good Life

Yesterday morning we see crowd from far and we parked the car at roadside, I saw the crowd queue far away. I know they must be collecting the free shirt. We also queue up for the shirts, my dear in charge to collect t-shirts of XXL, XL and L. I am in charge to go collect M size shirt for my son.

Above picture you see crowd waiting to start the walk but the spokeman takes so long to get it start and everyone got confused to start front or the back. Everyone turn back thought going the back to get start but actually it is start from front!

There's light exercise but mostly we are looking then follow them to exercise because lack of space to do it. Below picture you see my sister-in-law infront yeah she's the one pushing the stroller while I picture her back and my dear holding son's hand for the walk.

Look my baby is excited to get start the walk, sister-in-law and I manage grab some balloons for the kids. My son so happy having the balloon in hand, we have got some balloons for the stroller so baby can play. I can say some children couldn't take the walk it is tiring for them, some of them end up crying. They are not alone my son too started to cry because he says his legs are tired. We had few rests while walking, they are benches available through out the walk.

I don't know that World Walking Day started three years back! It is our first time to join the walk this year. After the walk we are given drinking water, then we need to go queue for the drinks. Not many booth available for food and drink, I manage drink three cups Nestum while queue to grab honey star for my son. It would be better they set up more booth for food and drinks it is long queue for everyone to get, imagine parents with children like us need to go queue how many times to get the food and drink.

There is no need to show the coupon to get the food and drink. However if they can produce pack of food and drink in bag would save us lots of trouble.

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