Monday, October 29, 2012

Free voucher stay@Palace of Golden Horses

I am sure you know of the hotel Palace of Golden Horses, I received a call last Saturday morning asking me if I have interest to stay the hotel for free. Of course who wouldn't say no right? But think of it, do you think there's really offer free stay for you? Everything comes with terms and conditions. I was told that this offer only for married couple and you need to attend their one hour talk at the hotel.

You need to bring along credit card during the talk, yeah they won't say what is the credit card for exactly. Anyway about the an hour talk you need to listen to it and after the talk only you can get the free voucher stay for two plus free dining for two at the hotel. They mention that the free voucher stay also comes with other hotel, it is up to you on which hotel you like to stay.

Funny I don't know where they have got my contact number, the lady is in such hurry asking me to register. She says the talk is daily and weekend available too, the talk will be held three session each day so depend which time you would like to listen the talk. You need to pay RM6 for the parking at the hotel.

She told me that she will call me again after my consideration. I didn't want to make any commitment even though it sound too good to be true they give you free stay. Oh well, nothing is free in this world! I told my friend and they inform me that they often having this type offer and you only to get the free voucher stay when you signed up for their membership!!


  1. I also kena like you, tHey called me and ask to come for tHe talk.

    I donT want to Go...

  2. Yalor go for what, i no cc also


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