Sunday, October 21, 2012

Movie review: Frankenweenie

This premier screening of Frankenweenie, this morning I watched it with my son. It is Halloween as you know so you will expect many movies related to it. This movie suitable for kids, we get to watch it using 3D glasses. Our first time to watch this movie in 3D, we didnt know of it until we saw the 3D glasses on the table waiting for our collection. The 3D glasses are comfortable to wear, my son has no complain of it.

Frankenweenie is about a boy lost his pet in a car accident, the Sparky runover by the car as it fetched the ball in mouth trying get back to his master. His teacher taught in class about how to get the death back to life. He experiment it on his pet dog, he digged his pet cemetary grave and bring the pet home to ethnic. With thunder in the night and lots of volts electricity, he managed to wake up his pet dog. One of his classmate found out and wanted him to show how he did it. Soon other classmates found out of his secret on how to get the death back to life. They want to win the project so each of them find an animal and experimented them.

Guess what? Not all experiments go as plan, one of the pet changed to huge giant! Find out how the boy going to save the city and his friends life. Do you think the city folks would let him keep the pet dog once they know its dead and back to life?

Talking of Frankenweenie, would you bring your kids to see this movie? At first a little girl was scare to watch but with accompany by parents she quietly watching it. 

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