Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Six passes premiere to watch Sinister

Yes it sound so good with six passes to watch Sinister. Sadly I gave up four passes of it because I dont know how to go Tropicanal City Mall. Yesterday I found out I have win the passes but sadly none of my friends are free to go with me. My dear does not know how to go there too.

Alright so left two more passes which we can see at GSC Midvalley, we are looking forward to see it. I hope there is no rain to ruin it, the jam is terrible heading to MV and last night saw two polices summon a car for going the emergency land.

Rainy days mean no playground for me and my son. Last night my dear and I watched TED! Yes a must watch movie for people above 18 years old.

About horror movie, my dear is not fan of such movie, indeed he dislike them! I can't wait to see his face after he watched the movie.

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