Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My leopard print bag almost broken

I am so sad as recently I saw my favourite leopard print bag almost broken. The side can be seen broken soon, I sew it back but I am not sure how long it can last. I don't know if I can find such wonderful bag again. I love this bag it can be sling bag or shoulder bag.

This morning there is no water and I need to shower in cold water. This afternoon I bring kids and sister-in-law to nearby restaurant to eat. I just dyed my hair when I am free I will upload the picture.

At this moment my baby just fall asleep in sarong, yeah no sarong will be difficult for him to sleep. He will see the place too if going to cousin house he will refused to sleep even at my dad's place.

School holiday soon and I am thinking of plan a vacation but sadly I see my saving account, I am broke. I cannot afford any vacation, so nevermind just stay at home. I am eyeing on some water park in Selangor, I haven't been to water park in Desa Waterpark and Shah Alam waterpark. How about you?


  1. sori ..js terlupa nak emel...emel sherry apa ye...xjumpa..

  2. email sherrygo at hotmail dot com


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