Monday, October 15, 2012

Unable find Tropicana Office Tower

Today is a brave day for me, because i drove alone with my son to uptown damansara. But sad say i unable go Tropicana city mall or the office, i dont know the route. I coming back time need pay toll so scare i am gonna be lost.

I not yet redeem sports voucher i won from Red fm, need to collect at their office. This wednesday will be movie night for me as i won passes go watch premier movie. Yeah same night different location, I get to choose movie in Midvalley or Tropicana city mall. Sad got to say even my deaf dont know go tropicana city mall.

How about you? Any movie plan? Tomorrow night movie at Midvalley with my dear, i turned down go Femala Fashion Walk as time clash. The gal told me the fashion walk in The Gardens end 10pm. Hey my movie start 9pm, their show start maybe 7.30pm but 7pm must be there. I have period soon no mood go alone for fashion, a friend late reply me she has interest go but I have turned down the offer last Friday. The event is need wear colorful!! Love the theme sadly unable join.

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