Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hot Bed Theraphy@Ecoparadise The Gardens

This is my second visit to Ecoparadise The Gardens, I enjoy the 40 minutes hot bed theraphy. If you love being in sauna you will love this because it makes you sweat a lot. Yeah picture above is me after shower wearing the inner shirt I purchased from FOS warehouse sales, and purple top from One Utama.

The ginger drink however this time taste bad compare to the first time I had. During the 40 minutes, two gals sleeping not far away from me they none stop chatting in the room. The room can fit in four people at one time. If you see on the wall there's instruction saying that don't talk during the hot bed theraphy.

Talking about the FOS warehouse sales, yesterday we head there for lunch and I saw the sales at Carrefour food court. I manage to grab two tops, the tops cost RM14 which mean RM7 each. Yeah it is value for money to shop during warehouse sales! I wanted to grab a purple skirt but my sister-in-law says I am getting old and will be 40 year old soon so better don't wear that. :(

My sister-in-law bought four pieces, two shirts, one white cardigan and one pair long pants, her haul cost her RM27. She is 45 years old this Nov.


  1. hi sherry,

    thanks for dropping by my vist my blog again!

    btw ur sister really get a good deal!!i love warehse sales...can buy item with portion of it's original price!

  2. Hi Cindy, I like your blogs. Yeah you too do come by often :D


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