Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ecoparadise@The Garden Midvalley

It is my first time to step foot in ecoparadise at The Gardens Midvalley, the 5th floor is either I can get up with lift or stairs as you can see below picture!

I choose to go up stairs, good exercise for me. Don't get me wrong the stairs opposite of Myoga you can never miss it.
The was given this set of clothes to change, the towel I use to wrap around my body then put on the clothes. I saw a lady inside there and she is about to get change at changing room, I asked if it is her first time here. She says she has been here for fourth time.
I was given a loker key and look how big is my locker! I love it, so big space for my bags and shoes.

Look how big the lockers are available, as usual you need to take care your own belongings. No electronics allow to bring in the hot bed theraphy, not even contact lense as it is hot inside.
Below a picture of me after 40 minutes hotbed theraphy and 10 minutes rest at restroom.
Yeah I am sweating so much as you can see, my red face!
It feel great and this is my first time experience there and definitely I will be back. I used my voucher for the antioxidant hotbed theraphy. I check my weight 67 kg. Above picture of me enjoy the drink taste like ginger. :D

Everything in Ecoparadise is using breakthrough techniques imported from Japan. All rooms are specially constructed embedded into the building materials. Hot water pipes beneath the building materials heat up the surface to release the antioxidants into the air for the body to absorb.

Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Theraphy is suitable for men and woman. I got into a room where for ladies only and there have four bed to sleep on, sleep inside the red tiles! The pillow is wooden stool. I was given a cup of water to drink inside the room.

If you looking for a place for relax, revitalize, rejunevate check out the Ecoparadise.

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