Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time to check if you child gets Primary school

Yes it is August and have you checked if your children got the school that you registered? My friend checked hers but cannot see result at the moment because she needs to wait next year August. Her daughter is five year old this year.

I checked for my friend online and her gal gets the school she registered in PJ. It is a Chinese school, I hope she bring along the original certificate for the school to stamp on the back. Yes only original birth certificate if not they ask you go again next day.

My son gots the school that I registered him, so excited yesterday went the school but I forgot to purchase the school badge. I am excited and nervous, this Nov we will need to go again to purchase the exercise books. I was told it would cost above rm100, I find out the school sports t shirt cost rm10 each.

One of teachers asking if anyone willing to send the kids home while they taking their kids. I think I have no interest for this since it's not easy job and family member against it. The traffic jam is horrible at some part of the city. Nobody like to stuck in the jam which is ten minutes ride ended up half an hour drive.

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