Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bata fair@Midvalley convention centre

You are looking for shoes for your baby, son, mom, or dad. This is time to go shopping, some good deal there buy two pairs free one pairs. A pair of sports shoes rm20, you do the calculation. Baby shoes rm10 a pair also buy two pairs free one pair, you can mix them as long they are same price. You cannot miss this sales because the Bata shoes start the price as low as RM5. So many people choosing shoes for themselves and for their kids.

I cannot upload picture now it is very late as you know. The Bata shows fair ends tomorrow night, so head to Midvalley for Sunday shopping shoes. I bought for my baby three pairs of shoes, RM20 for three pairs no kidding. For my son I cannot find the white shoes for him, they don't have size three. The sales girl told me most size sold out even size 9, I saw many size 6 and 8.

My dear bought three pair of sandals, he loves Bata sandals. Three pairs of men sandals RM40 only. He chooses two black colour, one is brown. All in same pattern as the rest not fit him well.

Edit 13 Aug, 2012. I just update the pictures of shoes available there. Not many pictures now because my baby boy so active... looking after him at same time.

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