Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Midvalley, menara AMbank and ecurve

Yesterday what you have done all sassy long? I have a busy day from start til at night, it start from morning first to Midvalley and we head to north point office then eat breakfast at the Warung. My sister in law and I manage purchased nail polish Bloop from FOS. Click here to read the second day what me and son do.

Then my dear drives us to Menara AMbank yeah very jam heading to KL. we passed by KLCC and dear parked car while I head to office to collect my item at 30 something floor. Then I got his SMS saying he at level 4 parking.

My baby so cranky as he used to sleep in sarong, he got his diaper change at one of the stop in highway while heading to ecurve. He loves parking at Ikea don't ask me why, we have lunch there. But before that I go to ecurve first and for the first time I went to their cinema. Wow huge cinema never been there before, I am not familiar with the area so I know if I go alone coming back I will be lost.

At Ikea we did some shopping, I bought two biscuits there. The ginger biscuit is yummy, rm5.50. There is 100yen shop at ikano, my first time there I see the items all rm4.90. I don't like is the place very warm.

At night go buy food back for dinner, for son dear cooked for him the cheese with roti canai. He ate two pieces and night he hard to sleep because feeling full. Morning dear have hard time ask him wake up.

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