Wednesday, August 15, 2012

50,000 Total Pageviews Giveaway@Sherry Rambling

I love giveaway and here I am holding giveaway at my blog Sherry Rambling. As you can see now the total pageviews on my blog now is 44,291. The Total Pageviews is at the right bar of this blog. I am having 50,000 Total Pageviews Giveaway at Sherry Rambling.

It is easy to take part in this giveaway, the winner of 50,000 Total Pageviews Giveaway will need to print screen this Sherry Rambling with total pageviews of 50,000. You have to be GFC follower of my blog to take part. :D

You will need to be a blogger with address in Malaysia so I can send you the Prize. If you are blogger that win you need to include your winning with print screen in your blog post.

If you don't have a blog but have Facebook, and have address in Malaysia so I can send you Prize, you can take part too, you will need to post up the print screen at your Facebook album or wall.

I shall update the Prize later, so stay tune.


  1. js hrp dpt print screen number tu..^^

  2. nk menang nk menang giveaway...hehe

  3. woooo.... it's very amazing....

  4. check this entry :)

  5. Sudah ada winner!! Pleas email me your name, address and contact number at sherrygo at hotmail dot com


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