Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ParaNorman and Asam Laksa

Today I have a great time first I took taxi from my place to uptown one, expensive RM23. Then I took another taxi from there to One Utama RM4. It is difficult get the taxi lucky able to get if not sure gets more headache under the sun.

The movie ParaNorman about the Norman he can sees ghost but nobody believes him. There were seven zombies in the movie, they are the dead people. Funny zombies get beat up by the folks in town. The witch is just a small girl, she too can see ghosts and talk to ghost like Norman. Well what happen to her? You have to watch the movie to find out, my friend and I got scared in the movie. The movie is at Hall 10, I thought it is going to be very cold but it is not.

I think we are not only one got scared. I had dinner Asam laksa alone at old town white coffee, the pineapples are sweet and shaped like can pineapple? Anyway it's nice and spicy for me, my first time to eat Asam laksa at old town white coffee. I like the milk tea cold drink even though they gave me wrong drink the white coffee I still prefer the milk tea.

I have got the passes around 9pm, oh is my first time to watch 3D ParaNorman at GSC One Utama. The glasses very cool but I find it gives me pain at side of ears, same goes to my friend. I reached home around 12 midnight. Still I am not sure how to go One Utama, perhaps I need try driving there personally to get the feel I only worry I lost my way home. 

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