Thursday, August 9, 2012

My son talking to sleep

It is quite late now and I like to update this blog, my son just now talking to himself in bed and fall asleep. It is not the first time, he has so much in mind. He would be talking about fighting like in the Avengers movie, just now he even show me his move just like the hulk.

I sure think he needs to move out of my bed, he likes kicking! He will turn side way too make me hard to sleep. My baby sleeping with sister in law since my bed lack of space. I do feel it's warm tonight, how about you?

He is making me hard to blog now, turning and kicking. Today here no water so use tangi water to shower. No cooking for lunch and dinner go out eat. Lunch to kopitiam and dinner also to kopitiam. First location ss14 another is taipan usj.

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