Monday, October 29, 2012

Free voucher stay@Palace of Golden Horses

I am sure you know of the hotel Palace of Golden Horses, I received a call last Saturday morning asking me if I have interest to stay the hotel for free. Of course who wouldn't say no right? But think of it, do you think there's really offer free stay for you? Everything comes with terms and conditions. I was told that this offer only for married couple and you need to attend their one hour talk at the hotel.

You need to bring along credit card during the talk, yeah they won't say what is the credit card for exactly. Anyway about the an hour talk you need to listen to it and after the talk only you can get the free voucher stay for two plus free dining for two at the hotel. They mention that the free voucher stay also comes with other hotel, it is up to you on which hotel you like to stay.

Funny I don't know where they have got my contact number, the lady is in such hurry asking me to register. She says the talk is daily and weekend available too, the talk will be held three session each day so depend which time you would like to listen the talk. You need to pay RM6 for the parking at the hotel.

She told me that she will call me again after my consideration. I didn't want to make any commitment even though it sound too good to be true they give you free stay. Oh well, nothing is free in this world! I told my friend and they inform me that they often having this type offer and you only to get the free voucher stay when you signed up for their membership!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

World Walking Day with Nestle Good Food, Good Life

Yesterday morning we see crowd from far and we parked the car at roadside, I saw the crowd queue far away. I know they must be collecting the free shirt. We also queue up for the shirts, my dear in charge to collect t-shirts of XXL, XL and L. I am in charge to go collect M size shirt for my son.

Above picture you see crowd waiting to start the walk but the spokeman takes so long to get it start and everyone got confused to start front or the back. Everyone turn back thought going the back to get start but actually it is start from front!

There's light exercise but mostly we are looking then follow them to exercise because lack of space to do it. Below picture you see my sister-in-law infront yeah she's the one pushing the stroller while I picture her back and my dear holding son's hand for the walk.

Look my baby is excited to get start the walk, sister-in-law and I manage grab some balloons for the kids. My son so happy having the balloon in hand, we have got some balloons for the stroller so baby can play. I can say some children couldn't take the walk it is tiring for them, some of them end up crying. They are not alone my son too started to cry because he says his legs are tired. We had few rests while walking, they are benches available through out the walk.

I don't know that World Walking Day started three years back! It is our first time to join the walk this year. After the walk we are given drinking water, then we need to go queue for the drinks. Not many booth available for food and drink, I manage drink three cups Nestum while queue to grab honey star for my son. It would be better they set up more booth for food and drinks it is long queue for everyone to get, imagine parents with children like us need to go queue how many times to get the food and drink.

There is no need to show the coupon to get the food and drink. However if they can produce pack of food and drink in bag would save us lots of trouble.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping for my mom!

I have been busy and lazy as my pms has visit me since yesterday night. Lucky I bring my pad along so I don't have to buy any. Above is picture of product review I have made in what every gal want.

Below is haul I have done much earlier, all of them below you are looking at belong to my mom. I will be seeing her this Sunday after the Nestle World Walking Day. She's not able to walk for long distance so I didn't sign her up for the walk. However my family members will be joining this walk hope it will be good weather for us! I pushed away the Sasa Turf Selangor Club event just for this healthy walk!

My mom told me she wants to wear short pants however, I don't want her to wear very short pants so above pants are just nice for her. She's living in nursing home, but weekends my dad would fetch her out for home stay. The blue comfy seater I purchased from Daiso, blue colour cushion with sakura flower. Yay! I can't wait to see the dad, twins and my bro/wife.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess & Win @My Mom's Best

Yes if you love guessing here's the Prize you are looking at, they are three items in the Prize for one lucky winner. You will need to blog the Guess & Win in your blog post in order to start guessing.

Today I have plan need to bring my son for dentist this afternoon, then go Tropicanal City Mall with my friend. Yes my classmate will be the one driving so need open wide my eyes on how to go! But coming back will be blurr as it will be night. We will catch movie tonight it is premier movie that I won to watch!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breakfast@Carrefour Subang Jaya

This morning head to Carrefour because I need to go Post Office, after that I head to food court for breakfast. I had tosai and teh ice RM3 only! I waited my friend to come, she went grocery shopping. My friend didn't orde anything because she had breakfast at home before come to Carrefour. She told me that yesterday she head to Tesco and Carrefour no vegetables to purchase but today manage to purchase.

I bought a jar of yogurt drink, two bottles of vitamin for my baby, a bottle of hand wash. I like to dine at food court carrefour, I usually eat the roasted chicken rice. I tried the Asam Laksa but too spicy for me!

I called the dentist clinic today to make appointment for my son to see dentist on this Wednesday. His teeth needs filling, the last visit was June.

I have plan on this Sunday, how about you? If you are in KL and you are free you may join the Sasa Malaysia contest at their Facebook for the Sasa Event of year 2012 in Selangor Turf Club. It is happening this Sunday from 12noon to 5pm. I want this as backup plan but sadly I haven't been to Selangor Turf Club.

Movie review: Frankenweenie

This premier screening of Frankenweenie, this morning I watched it with my son. It is Halloween as you know so you will expect many movies related to it. This movie suitable for kids, we get to watch it using 3D glasses. Our first time to watch this movie in 3D, we didnt know of it until we saw the 3D glasses on the table waiting for our collection. The 3D glasses are comfortable to wear, my son has no complain of it.

Frankenweenie is about a boy lost his pet in a car accident, the Sparky runover by the car as it fetched the ball in mouth trying get back to his master. His teacher taught in class about how to get the death back to life. He experiment it on his pet dog, he digged his pet cemetary grave and bring the pet home to ethnic. With thunder in the night and lots of volts electricity, he managed to wake up his pet dog. One of his classmate found out and wanted him to show how he did it. Soon other classmates found out of his secret on how to get the death back to life. They want to win the project so each of them find an animal and experimented them.

Guess what? Not all experiments go as plan, one of the pet changed to huge giant! Find out how the boy going to save the city and his friends life. Do you think the city folks would let him keep the pet dog once they know its dead and back to life?

Talking of Frankenweenie, would you bring your kids to see this movie? At first a little girl was scare to watch but with accompany by parents she quietly watching it. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movie Review: Sinister "not for the weak heart"

Yesterday happy night for me, I almost worry that I cannot make it to see the movie because we are out from the house late. I waiting dear anxiously for going to Midvalley. There's no traffic jam while going there in fact we reached there by 8pm. I queue up for collect ticket and super fast I have got the tickets to see premier screening of Sinister.

Both of us got scared twice in while watching movie. Oh well, actually he got scared thrice. Yeah unexpected sound effect got us a shock! If you like supernatural horror film, yes you must see this movie. Movie is rated PG 13, well I think it is more than that definitely not suitable for kids.

The movie is about the true crime writer novelist Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), he moved in the house of crime scene and he discovers a box of home movies at the ehnic of the house. Creepy right? There's no box of the home movies at the crime scene but after he moved he saw it. He wants to find out where are the missing children after the murders of the family. The children of each family he saw in the home movies, they are the missing children.

Ellison Oswalt has a wife, two children a boy and a girl. The boy Trevor always get nightmare and one night he came out of the carton box in spooky way! His sister Ashley loves to draw on wall and his dad limits her to draw only in her room. One night her mom found out she drew a wall at the hallway wall. A girl on the swing who was one of the missing girl that's his dad want to find out. He saw the face of the one filming the home movies. He printed out the picture and clip it on his wall of crime scene. Psst.. the picture of the face he saw, the face can move! His dad couldn't sleep well at all, every night he heard someone playing the home movies film in his office.

I would say you never know what's the ending of the story until you watched it. Of course you can read all about it. I suggest you to see it yourself to find out the ending of this movie.

Get Chic Limited Edition Organizer@One Utama

Oh yes this this nice right? Who wanna get your hands on the Chic Limited Edition Organizer? It is so easy you just need to spend RM150 and above (either in a single or maximum two receipts on the same day) at any ONECARD participanting outlets to purchase the lingerie organiser for RM12. This is for Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Campaign from 8th to 31 October 2012.

One Utama will donate RM2 for every lingerie organizer purchased to BCWA.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Movie Review: Ted (Teddy Bear)

Last night I manage to watch the movie Ted. Ted starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi. This movie is comedy and suitable for 18 years and above only!

This movie is hilarius I laugh almost all the way from start to the end of the movie. John Bennett is acted by Mark Wahlberg, and it is about his teddy bear comes to live during his childhood when he was eight years old. He made a wish the night getting his present, he doesn't have friends in the neighbourhood. Being the only kid at home, he wants a best friend and he got it! Ted the teddy bear.

John Bennett aged 35 years old living with his girlfriend and Ted. One night Ted brings home four whores and one of them shit on the floor! Yes no kidding you can see shit there and John Bennett's girlfriend need to clean up the shit. I am not gonna say it, but I can say it is so funny, you got to watch it to find out!

Yeah Ted found a girlfriend in his new job! He got promoted every time his Boss found him did something wrong. What's wrong? Emm.. .you better see it yourself. :D

Whores is Pelacur, pelacur berak najis di tempat tinggal girlfriend John Bennett.

By the way there is Guess & Win contest, click link to take part.

Six passes premiere to watch Sinister

Yes it sound so good with six passes to watch Sinister. Sadly I gave up four passes of it because I dont know how to go Tropicanal City Mall. Yesterday I found out I have win the passes but sadly none of my friends are free to go with me. My dear does not know how to go there too.

Alright so left two more passes which we can see at GSC Midvalley, we are looking forward to see it. I hope there is no rain to ruin it, the jam is terrible heading to MV and last night saw two polices summon a car for going the emergency land.

Rainy days mean no playground for me and my son. Last night my dear and I watched TED! Yes a must watch movie for people above 18 years old.

About horror movie, my dear is not fan of such movie, indeed he dislike them! I can't wait to see his face after he watched the movie.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Unable find Tropicana Office Tower

Today is a brave day for me, because i drove alone with my son to uptown damansara. But sad say i unable go Tropicana city mall or the office, i dont know the route. I coming back time need pay toll so scare i am gonna be lost.

I not yet redeem sports voucher i won from Red fm, need to collect at their office. This wednesday will be movie night for me as i won passes go watch premier movie. Yeah same night different location, I get to choose movie in Midvalley or Tropicana city mall. Sad got to say even my deaf dont know go tropicana city mall.

How about you? Any movie plan? Tomorrow night movie at Midvalley with my dear, i turned down go Femala Fashion Walk as time clash. The gal told me the fashion walk in The Gardens end 10pm. Hey my movie start 9pm, their show start maybe 7.30pm but 7pm must be there. I have period soon no mood go alone for fashion, a friend late reply me she has interest go but I have turned down the offer last Friday. The event is need wear colorful!! Love the theme sadly unable join.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My leopard print bag almost broken

I am so sad as recently I saw my favourite leopard print bag almost broken. The side can be seen broken soon, I sew it back but I am not sure how long it can last. I don't know if I can find such wonderful bag again. I love this bag it can be sling bag or shoulder bag.

This morning there is no water and I need to shower in cold water. This afternoon I bring kids and sister-in-law to nearby restaurant to eat. I just dyed my hair when I am free I will upload the picture.

At this moment my baby just fall asleep in sarong, yeah no sarong will be difficult for him to sleep. He will see the place too if going to cousin house he will refused to sleep even at my dad's place.

School holiday soon and I am thinking of plan a vacation but sadly I see my saving account, I am broke. I cannot afford any vacation, so nevermind just stay at home. I am eyeing on some water park in Selangor, I haven't been to water park in Desa Waterpark and Shah Alam waterpark. How about you?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hot Bed Theraphy@Ecoparadise The Gardens

This is my second visit to Ecoparadise The Gardens, I enjoy the 40 minutes hot bed theraphy. If you love being in sauna you will love this because it makes you sweat a lot. Yeah picture above is me after shower wearing the inner shirt I purchased from FOS warehouse sales, and purple top from One Utama.

The ginger drink however this time taste bad compare to the first time I had. During the 40 minutes, two gals sleeping not far away from me they none stop chatting in the room. The room can fit in four people at one time. If you see on the wall there's instruction saying that don't talk during the hot bed theraphy.

Talking about the FOS warehouse sales, yesterday we head there for lunch and I saw the sales at Carrefour food court. I manage to grab two tops, the tops cost RM14 which mean RM7 each. Yeah it is value for money to shop during warehouse sales! I wanted to grab a purple skirt but my sister-in-law says I am getting old and will be 40 year old soon so better don't wear that. :(

My sister-in-law bought four pieces, two shirts, one white cardigan and one pair long pants, her haul cost her RM27. She is 45 years old this Nov.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple casual look of the day!

Yesterday my sister-in-law told me she purging once and immediately asking me for medicine. Oh yeah I still have medicine left from the doctor I saw so I gave to her. She also took the medicine belong my son and eat, it is powder form put in warm water and drink.

Above picture me in the restroom, can you guess where the restroom of this place? I don't recall anyway last night my son's friend saying to him that your mommy is fat! Oh yeah I cannot deny that I am not fat, I am plus size mommy. I was slim during teenager time until I met my dear, I started having supper at night. I don't have supper at all during my teenager time, how about you?

I didn't wear my hotpants always so you can see my fat tummy! Yesterday I wore the hotpants sweat so much today I rest half day maybe later I put on hot pants in the evening for the evening walk. This month I am going to see doctor for sure he will screams saying oh you put on weight! Yeeyah... one month no exercise.

My favourite leopard print bag as you can see can be shoulder bag or sling bag. I bought this bag about RM25, I saw the exact same bag online selling at RM60 without postage!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beware of toilet bowls!!

Yesterday I suuposed to watch movie with my dear at 9.30 show at eCurve but sadly we didn't make it. My son fall sick due to vomit and puring. It started when he comes home from kindergarten he's telling that he's feeling want to vomit. He only had bread and milo for breakfast in kindergarten. He purging once in the afternoon but vomit six times. I know something wrong he's not well, I bring him to go Emergency at hospital to see the doctor. The doctor asked if anyone in the family fall the same, well I did on Tuesday was me purging and vomit.

My son shares the same toilet with me so he often use my toilet which mean the virus and germs passed from there. Now I know why people does not like using public toilet! The virus and germs passed very fast... this morning my dear message me that son's kindergarten got a kid got purging and vomit yesterday. Hmm... now think of it, the sickness is passed by me or the kindergarten?

Most important is my son's health gets better, this Saturday is important day for me it is Concert day!

There you go, he's wating to see the doctor in the room. He gets a number and he had first milo there later second milo bought from machine... after reached home.. he starts again vomit. Yeah don't listen to doc this is what happen, the nurse say no drink for 40 mins and he cannot wait must drink at once and finished fast too while I am paying the bill.

I see the doctor at clinic RM50 on Tuesday, he sees the doctor at hospital RM70.

I know it is not a good start for the month of October... for getting sick.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ironboy is here!

Oh boy! My baby boy loves playing with the red basket he puts it over his head. Well I think of him as Ironboy, what do you think? He would put the red basket over his brother's head too but his brother will block him from doing so.

Eww look at my baby put his tongue out to lick the basket. He's going to see doctor this month for injection. I supposed make his appointment for next week but looks like need to push to two weeks further wait for my dear to be free. It would be nice for him and me to go along to know what's baby progress and development.

Today I bumped into one aunt and she told me that children does not need to go many years for kindergarten. She says her children only went for one year of kindergarten. I don't know about those days but I remembered I went for two years of kindergarten.

I won two passes to see movie tonight, the Universal Soldier another is House at the End of the House. Both movie at same night but different location, I cannot make it for one of the movies I choose to go HATES with my dear.