Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple casual look of the day!

Yesterday my sister-in-law told me she purging once and immediately asking me for medicine. Oh yeah I still have medicine left from the doctor I saw so I gave to her. She also took the medicine belong my son and eat, it is powder form put in warm water and drink.

Above picture me in the restroom, can you guess where the restroom of this place? I don't recall anyway last night my son's friend saying to him that your mommy is fat! Oh yeah I cannot deny that I am not fat, I am plus size mommy. I was slim during teenager time until I met my dear, I started having supper at night. I don't have supper at all during my teenager time, how about you?

I didn't wear my hotpants always so you can see my fat tummy! Yesterday I wore the hotpants sweat so much today I rest half day maybe later I put on hot pants in the evening for the evening walk. This month I am going to see doctor for sure he will screams saying oh you put on weight! Yeeyah... one month no exercise.

My favourite leopard print bag as you can see can be shoulder bag or sling bag. I bought this bag about RM25, I saw the exact same bag online selling at RM60 without postage!

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