Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stila Sheer colour review

You can see ths Stila sheer color, it is tinted moisturiser spf15. The colour I find it not quite suitable for my skin as I have fairer skin.

This product is nice to use and I don't find it sticky. Because the color is tinted I tend to put thin layer to skin. It lasted on my skin for about five hours. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Avon makeup brush set

I like you see the above picture of Avon makeup brush set, just to see how big this is I put the box next to it. I have got two set of Avon makeup brush set, both are grey in colour. They are brand new and I am selling them because I seldom use brush set.

If you have interest to purchase email me at my email sherrygo at hotmail dot com, the product only ship in Malaysia.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fur jackets

Do you know anyone looking for fur jackets? I want to let you know you can visit this website for fur jackets for sale. I check out the website it is user friendly and easy to browse. You can find several of fur jacket and coats. Above picture you are looking at one of the fur jackets, it is Tiger Print Mint Jacket selling at $8,125. The fur origin is from Denmark. This website is where you can find modern chic real fur garments.

I know everyone has got their budget, you can start saving and shop for the suitable fur jacket that you like. I like the accessories that I saw on this website. If you are looking for sale doesn't forget to visit this website, I find some of them are on sale. Grab this chance to shop for your loved one.

Mother's Day is in month of May, have you got what in mind to purchase for your mom and your wife? Just to share with you the fur type which available at the website is Finn raccoon, fox, kidskin, mink, natural ranch, natural Russian, sable, rabbit, sable and sherred mink. You can shop by look at this website to know ideal fur jackets and fur coats to wear on day wear, evening wear, mountain wear and weekend wear.

Looking for bathroom lighting

My friend is going to move in her new home, she has a home under renovation. She has interest to find suitable modern bathroom lighting. It is great to know she is moving in new home, I want to tell her that she can shop online. She is busy at work and don't have time to shop, she told me that when she finished her work it is late at night so the shops are already closed. She is particular about the lighting; she finds that some shops here are selling old style of lighting it is not up to her standard.

Living in modern society today, she tells me that she prefers the modern lighting fixtures. Since she is having her home under renovation, I know she needs more than just bathroom lighting. The other day I visited my friend who has open house, he has bought a new home and the design and decoration of home is fabulous. He says that the designed are unique and lighting fixtures are purchased online.

With Internet access today we can find convenient to shop online saving time to find parking and queue up at counter. I like shopping online because they deliver the goods to your door step. If you have interest to shop for modern lighting you can also call them at 1-877-215-2677.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tongkat chair for old folk

We have purchased this tongkat that can be change to chair. This tongkat we find at the pharmacy at SS15 Subang Jaya. I saw another type at Caring pharmacy but not suitable because it is three legs. You can see this tongkat having four legs. It can be bend and use a chair if old folk walk at shopping mall and get tired. Now I see not many shopping mall provide public seating area.

Some shopping mall having public seating area but most of time will be used up unless you go shopping mall during weekday.

This tongkat chair is less than RM70.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tanamera Day@Central Market KL

Are you doing anything next Sunday 25 March, 2012? If not let's plan it out. You can go to Tanamera Day at Central Market Kuala Lumpur. You can check out the contest held at the Tanamera Spa Facebook. I won an eco gift but unable to collect on Sunday. I still looking for friend that can collect for me. Please let me know if you can collect for me.

The redemption time is from noon to 3pm on Sunday 25 March, mark your calendar.

Bring your old good condition clothes to the EcoKnights booth and get FREE Tanamera goodies!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wine gift basket

It is sunny day here and I have got news to share, my friend is moving in new home. I know that she loves wine and I think that is best gift for her. I don't like to go find parking and queue up for paying now with Internet access I can shop online. I am looking at this website for Wine Gift Basket, there are many choices to choose from I just need to see which is suitable for her.

I don't know which to pick but lucky there is wine baskets top seller I can see from there. I know I have a budget so I need to choose wisely. If you like to drink or buying wine gift basket check out this website they have daily wine deals up to 70% off. You can find a gift by price which easily see at the left bar of the website.

Wine gift basket is suitable for many occasions namely Thank You, Congratulations, Anniversary, Wedding and others. I like to congratulate my friend for her new home. I know Mother's Day is not far away, you can also check out this website for red wine gifts. This website is user friendly and easy to browse they ship to any state in U.S.