Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tongkat chair for old folk

We have purchased this tongkat that can be change to chair. This tongkat we find at the pharmacy at SS15 Subang Jaya. I saw another type at Caring pharmacy but not suitable because it is three legs. You can see this tongkat having four legs. It can be bend and use a chair if old folk walk at shopping mall and get tired. Now I see not many shopping mall provide public seating area.

Some shopping mall having public seating area but most of time will be used up unless you go shopping mall during weekday.

This tongkat chair is less than RM70.


  1. You can check out the pharmacy next to herbs and food shop

  2. May I have the name of the pharmacy? Much appreciated.

  3. May I know the name of the pharmacy where u purchased the tongkat chair?

  4. its pharmacy next to Watsons shop at SS15. Next the Pharmacy shop is Herbs and Food shop.


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