Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will lack of time in blogging?

I love blogging and I just find out that is going to expired and to renew hosting and domain I need to pay $20 for them. I don't know if I can keep up blogging anymore as I am now 31 weeks pregnant and soon my handful with caring for my son.

I still have my other blogs to blog. Today there is no rest for me since morning we are out and we head to morning market then to carrefour to shop for veggie and others. I found the baby wipes very cheap $9.99 for 300 pcs. I grab four bottle of it immediately because its buy a bottle 200pcs free a pack 100 pcs.

That day we supposed to go Purreen sales but too many cars and bad traffic we ended up passing by only. I have not purchase any baby clothes for my baby, I thought of buying but I can't find those cute one for him. My baby is due on 1st July and I was told by mom-in-law that I might due early.

Now I am thinking if I should purchase the baby newborn diaper now or later.