Friday, December 28, 2012

My Happy Moments

Just for your info and my info I clicked the iPhone5 Gadget Impian and I am number 347 in G+. :D
I have chosen below picture for my entry of My Happy Moments because I find that the happy moments
My son and I took part in Guardian Charity Walkathon at Sunway Beach Surf, it is wonderful day for us. There's no rain and we have fun at the beach, he plays the sands trying to make sand castle but failed.

I am happy I am being there for him, being parent we don't want our children to get hurt or bully. On the day itself I saw two other children stealing his sands and he unable to do anything about it. I asked the two children to go get their own sands instead of stealing my son's sand at beach.

It is a day where we will never forget, the fun at Guardian Charity Walkathon. I purchased the same t-shirt to wear with my son. It is a meaningful day for us. He never forgets about the two children that took his sands away from him, until today he still asking me why they take away from him.

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