Monday, December 17, 2012

Grandma funeral service on Wednesday!

I am sad to say I may not able to attend my grandma's funeral because my dear's still in hospital. My cousin told me that her funeral service will be on Wednesday and sixth uncle is not yet back. He is only back on Thursday by flight from Australia. It would be a teary moment for everyone, everyone will need to pull themselves together. My grandma is my mom's mom and knowing my mom loves her mom, I know she will be crying her hearts out on the day. I hope she is strong and I know I cannot be there for her, I want to be because I need to be with my dear how can I go?

My dad will need to be side by side of my mom as I worry of my mom will collapsed. She has diabetes and one time she collapsed seeing my grandma's condition in old folks home.

About the HDU where my dear is put under, they are many old patients there and he's the youngest. I just called the hospital to ask the charges at HDU. They charge $298 a day, he already spend a night there. Today they will move him to normal room.

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