Monday, December 10, 2012

RM200 cash voucher for winner 60,000 Total Pageviews

Yesterday I want to update this blog but unable because I cannot login to website at all from computer due to virus infections. Very bad my pc caught 25 virus! Stupid virus attacked my pc, I am not sure what caused it my dear told me it was some loading file that caused it.

Anyway above you are looking at the World of Sports RM200 cash voucher for the winner Lina, she print screen and let me know in my Facebook account. She's the winner of 60,000 Total Pageviews. It will be good time to use the voucher for this Christmas. :D

Last night head to Carrefour for grocery shopping and passby the mail box of Post Office. I dropped the Pos Express in the Pos Express box. Last night grocery shopping cost me RM130 and the groceries cannot filled up the trolley.


  1. how to know who get the 60,000 view because now its 60,344 :(

    unlucky i didnt get it..

  2. The winner has post at my Facebook wall with the screen shot of 60,000 total pageview. :D

    Dont worry join my Chritmas giveaway at


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