Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shit blood seven times!

I have bad news to share, I am sad to share that my dear started to shit blood yesterday morning. He has shit blood in August and doctor has fixed it by clip his intestine which is bleeding. The doctor inserted the tube from his backside, yes it is painful for him!

There is DVD of the process inside his intestines, it is scary and most of family members not dare to see it but I have watched it. The doctor mentioned that there is some black dried spots in the intestines which mean it maybe bleeding stopped or will be bleeding again.

Anyway doctor told me the last check up that after 12 months see him again if there is no bleeding. But sad to say it is less than half year and it started again!

Yes I am worry and he's now in Emergency room at hospital, he told me to go home rest first so I can go again to see him. He told me he is like in ICU, they even asked him for $30K deposit! OMG!! I don't have $30K or $3K and he don't have such money too, anyway company insurance got covered. Madness... he told me they worry his condition worsen.


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