Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How I gained many blogs?

I love blogging, ever since I start blogging I fall in love with it. I can feel free to share my thought and things that interest me. I have taken part in contests/giveaways too and I won the domain and hosting for a year. Yeah just a year then I need to renew them if I want to keep the blogs.

I have lost blogs too because some irresponsible blogger didn't keep their promise. I never forget about iblogaholic which I won, I was only given three months of using it instead of a year and I lose this blog as the blogger no longer reply to my emails. She's long gone? I don't know that for sure.

Talking of blogging only recently I find out that we cannot upload all the pictures that we wanted. It is because there's space limit on the photo storage. I need to start to resize my pictures too if not I need to delete all pictures under the same account of blogger. Having many blogs are good but sad to share with one account only the photos can be limited as I share some pictures in my blogs. Therefore I need to delete pictures which I found no longer useful namely banners or badge or photos.

How about you? Do you have blog, if yes how many blogs you've got?

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