Thursday, November 29, 2012

Busy delete pictures from Picasa Album

I noticed that I cannot upload anymore pictures because I have used up the storage space. If I want to upload more picture it didn't allow unless I pay a monthly fee for it. So now I am trying to delete as much pictures as I can from the picasa album. Wow, I cannot believe that I have been blogging since 2008 and you know so many pictures in the album and I opt to delete those that I don't need to use anymore.

Looking back at the pictures it brings back all kinds of memory, yeah from good and bad memories mix of feeling towards them! Life goes on and I know if I don't let go the past, there's no better future.

I haven't tried uploading any picture yet perhaps I should try it now? Yeah done upload a picture below! It is sponge in water as you can see? Yeah this is part of the Avene workshop I took part! You can read at my other blog. The sponge is so hard, I used so much of mineral water/drinking water from Sunway Resort to absorb the water. :D Everyone has got one big bowl with sponge inside infront of them.

Okay my hands are tired, I have been deleting pictures and there's more to delete. I will need time to do that, I find it easier to delete using the iPad than computer!

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