Friday, November 30, 2012

Audrey Queen of The Day Contest

It is awesome this morning I head to Audrey as I have been invited to be part of their judging panel of Queen of The Day Contest, yeah I will write up this post more detail in what every gal want. So be sure to check out the blog soon.

Fun day for me to get to know other bloggers too. This is held at Audrey out at Sunway Pyramid. :D

I stick around at the mall for few hours before heading home. I purchased a shirt for my dad and for myself at PDI. Hey folks! PDI having three days sales and the shirts each only RM13. I also bought the two sets of earrings each at 50%.

There is one party I hope to join tomorrow but sad to say I don't know go Publika Boulevard. Frankly speaking I have not been to this shopping mall before. I asked around my friends and they too don't know how to go.

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