Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coca Cola Cap for me

I was at Sime Darby Healthcare the other day, I saw this cap at the newstand. My sister-in-law and my son were coughing, I decided to purchase two bottles of coca cola for them. They added salt in the drink to ease their sore throat and cough. I also bought the coca cola cap for myself. It is my first red colour cap!

Anyway they are still coughing, they have medicine to drink too. They usually take at night, my baby also coughing. Not only him but I feel like I am starting to cough, the doctor says its the environment and weather that make everyone sick now.

It's raining heavy here now, I know I need to announce winner for Guess & Win soon on my other blog. In the mean time, I am here to update this blog.

I am excited that my dear won passes to see premiere screening of Pitch Perfect. Yeah I want to go with him to see the movie. Yes a date with him this coming Wednesday night, thank you my sister-in-law for caring the kids while we out for movie! Love ya!!

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