Friday, November 2, 2012

Smiley pants spotted!!

Wow I didn't believe my eyes and I know I need to snap a picture of it. Yeah this is my first time to saw a man wearing smiley pants! Well it is not a joke, I didn't find it funny either. I just find that he's daring to wear it in public. I am sure my dear has no interest wearing such pants. He is very particular of his pants and he choose his own pants!

I am always on the look out for cute pants or shirt for my son. The other day I found a cute shirt for my son but think again, it doesn't fit him at all even though it is size L. My son is gonna be seven year old next year and the doc today saw him, saying that he looked like he's in standard 2 size! Next Friday is party day so I am thinking what he would wear for party, it would be his choice of clothing of course. :D

This morning was at clinic to bring my baby to see doctor, he has cough and flu. The bill is expensive, it comes with two bottle of medicine for my baby!

Almost forgot I haven't post up the Prize for 60,000 Total Pageview giveaway on this blog. Well, I haven't decide on the Prize yet. I know still have the time just look at the Total Pageview still long way ahead. I know Total Pageview and UV are not the same.

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