Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prize for Top Commentator

Tomorrow is Saturday I am so happy because I have got appointment with my friend. I am going for yoga with my friend, frankly I have not been to yoga for at least eight years.
Tomorrow I am heading for anti-oxidant hot bed theraphy at ecoparadise in The Gardens. It would be my second visit, yay so happy! My friend Theresa already went twice for the theraphy, she went Monday and Tuesday. I told Sanny that I am going I am not sure if she going for the theraphy or not.
My friend Theresa got soak wet with sweat there, she didn't use the towel.

Above prize is for Top Commentator of September at this blog!

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  1. yeah whoever comment the mosts in this month will win! It could be you... if you commenting the most in my blog posts.


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