Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution and Marcy Chia vouchers

Oh yeah I have got to say busy this month, so many happening for me. It is great month for me to enjoy movies. The above is prize I won from Sunway Pyramid contest. Yay! I love t-shirt and this is XL size for me. Good since I put on fat I need to cover my big belly! One aunt at playground notice I put on weight since I am not out there to exercise for a month due to Ghost Month.

Yesterday my first time to see the movie IMAX 3D in Sunway Pyramid, awesome totally different watching it at other cinema! I mean first time seeing it there is no 3D but this time there is! I still like Alice and she's the super woman in the movie, just like the Alien movie the same actress again. :D I forgotten the name of Alien movie the name of actress. I still love her very much, hope there's another Alien movie of her.

Oh below about the Mary Chia vouchers, there's one Coffee Detoxification Spa for the Top Commentator over at TH's Corner. Well if you want to win it, you got to participate in commenting!

Yes you can see they are two vouchers, take a closer look by click the picture.

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  1. i didnt watch this movie ):
    didnt have free time to watch because im a student..


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