Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunglasses from Uniqlo

Picture above is me!
Loving this cool sunglasses the one and only, well it belongs to my son. Do you remember that I bring my son to Midvalley in June during the school holiday for the premier of Madagascar 3 movie. That is the day I purchased the sunglasses, we love this shade so much and we share it.

Yesterday is not quite a good day for start, well my dining room flood! My area no water at night and somehow my son forgot to close the tap and somewhere in middle of night the water came and spill everywhere. Yes most of dining area and living area got flood, alot to clean and wash and throw away! Yes a time to clear too, found my lovely prelove Barbie Dolls with clothes and items which I used to play.

Later I will post up the pictures of my toys! My son was playing them but my dear does not like, he says it is not for boys to play!

Oh well about the sunglasses I check the store again in Midvalley and see there's no more available. I bought this at discount price during sales, it cost less than RM30. Umm... maybe RM25. I find uniqlo many clothes to shop but sadly not for plus size woman.

Today I may head to Midvalley again after getting my boy home and shower him. It would be first time to bring my baby and sister-in-law to go without my dear as he is working.

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