Friday, June 8, 2012

Mickey Mouse Guitar@Midvalley

Remember guys the Mickey Mouse in Midvalley will ends on 10 June 2012 if not mistaken, above I purchased for my son, it cost RM29.90. He loves it and he sang all day long in Midvalley, the night we watched premier of Madagascar 3 together.
We waited at McD so I bought him ice cream to eat while waiting the Hall 2 to get ready. We are seating at the correct spot where we can see the number 2 light.
It was a long day for us, I am glad he took a nap at home before going to Midvalley. We have dinner at the Warung, my favourite food stall.

This weekend we may head to The Curve for the Doraemon hehe...but its not confirm.


  1. mesti seronok dpt guiter mickey tu..nasib baik my doter dh bsr...^^

  2. Hi jemarisuri yeah he have fun, so good she is big now. My kids still young


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