Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kids' Creative Recycling Winners

The other day I head to Empire Shopping Gallery and I spotted this beautiful Kids' Creative Recycling, they are talented and creative little artists. Just look at them, I manage snap a few pictures there. Look at the cute playground above, it look so real you just want to be kids again to play in there.

This contest is for kids to build and create anything sweet and fun! Be it a gigantic cupcake, larger than life lollies or super huge robots, explore their creativity and win prizes. All the master pieces is displayed at Empire Shopping Gallery's Hall of Fine Designs! You can see this at the Toys R Us which is also near the Vanila Place.
Look how cute and real the ziraffe.
This is super huge robot and I like the designed simple and neat. The winners of the contest what they won?

For 1st Prize RM1,200 ESG Cash Vouchers
For 2nd Prize RM1,000 ESG Cash Vouchers
For 3rd Prize RM800 ESG Cash Vouchers

5 consolation prizes worth RM100 per team.

I think you still get to see their masterpiece in Empire Shopping Gallery as the contest was held on 2nd June 2012.

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