Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted

It is awesome night thank you Hype for coming me as winner in Facebook, I am not alone Sanny also one of the luck winners. I am happy to collect my passes without any queue, I saw others queue up quite long time for their Madagascars 3 tickets. I saw some bloggers that attended the LG party.

The movie I saw at Hall 2, the seats are so comfortable. My son and I seated at E1 and E2, awesome night for us! We loves this movie there is part reminds of me Matrix! I loves the song and the move I am sure if you bring your kids to watch it is very entertaining. :D

I am sure you like to know how they ended up in Circus. At night movie over at 9.30pm and the toilet in Midvalley closed. I went to zone C after paying parking ticket RM6. I parked the car in zone A, my son and I run for it, I nearly fell down infront of Guardian somebody left the junk floor spilled all over the floor. Then I got into wrong road makes me heading to Cheras instead of PJ. I managed to get home before 12 midnight, I paid the toll RM1 asking the gal in counter toll how to u-turn back.

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Midvalley again, alright I need get shut eyes. Good night!

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