Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor Furniture Repair

I don't know of you but I find that many homes home have outdoor furniture. Talking of outdoor furniture I think of the outdoor furniture repair, I am sure you know that everything has expiry date. I mean there is time we need to repair the furniture just like our home.

My friend's dad loves his garden and he often sat there to see and pat his dogs, forgot mention he needs outdoor furniture repair. I am sure he likes to know of the outdoor furniture available at this website. Do you know they repair patio furniture in Southern California? I know some folks like their old furniture, they wouldn't throw it away. Don't worry now you can repaint and re-strapped and of course it depends on the condition of your furniture. They repair cracks and broken welds, they sandblast off old paint and they can repair broken glides. You can choose the colour for repaint because they will repaint with a protective powder coat paint. I am sure you like the furniture to have new straps and new glides.

I know it sound awesome you can get your outdoor furniture repair, now you can make your patio furniture look new.

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  1. Furniture repair really needs a lot of time to be invested if you are planning to DIY. I remember last summer I was redoing the cushions just using paint it took a whole weekend and I was exhausted completing it.


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