Friday, September 21, 2012

Batman costume for my baby!

 This is one costume for my baby boy, yeah since he's so active he's fit to wear it! I bought this at Carrefour Subang Jaya, it is near the main entrance of Carrefour near the information counter of Carrefour. Look this costume fits him, I am happy that I purchased the size 8 instead of 6. I saw the size 6 is Superman costume but sadly it's too small for him.

At night I gave him the shirt to try on, he's just happy walking here and there. My dear wanted me to purchase the Superman costume but I saw the size just too small for him. If you like the costume you can also purchase them there, the stall will be operating until end of October if not mistaken.

Talking of costume, I can't wait to see what my boy is gonna wear for his concert. They have been practicing on dancing for many months. Teachers don't want the children to play outside hot sun worry they got sick and cannot attend the concert.

Talking of concert, they will be asking parent to purchase DVD, and photography!

I know so much spending for this year end as he's going for primary school next year.


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