Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Construction@USJ 9, Taipan

There is construction going on at USJ 9, Taipan look at the buildings and you can see that there's something not right. Do you know what's wrong with the picture? Just look usually if there's constrution the building will be cover up, but you can see there's nothing cover up at all. It is so dusty and dangerous for people walking by.

Near the shops they are a few tution conters and I can tell you it is rush hour during that period. I don't know what they are making out of this buidling, could you tell? Can it be a hotel?

I don't want to eat near this buidling at all, imagine the dusts in the air. Some restaurants still having business even though there's noise and dusts at the area. It would be better to eat inside the restaurant with glass doors closed.

Anyone have been near this buidling, any idea what they are doing?

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