Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First time@IMAX 3D Sunway Pyramid

I am so happy I get to see REsident Evil: Retribution in IMAX 3D Sunway Pyramid. I have not been to the cinema there for many years! The last time was with my sis and my dear it was more than ten years ago. We used to catch movie together usually late show! The TGV cinemas is big difference now.

Now with family and my sis became nun, life totally different! Anyway for chance to win Resident Evil: Retribution in IMAX 3D, you got to click the link to find out! Yeah you get the 3D glasses to see the movie. I have seen couple and single people watching this movie alone!

Anyway I saw this movie alone yesterday as dear's working! He's not gonna be happy to see this movie for second time since he's not fan for the movie. He only prefers the first Resident Evil movie.

I like to watch horror movie, it is one must see in my list! I didn't get to see all the horror movies. My son wants to cath a movie with me but some movies rated 18 years above so he cannot see it. 

About the IMAX 3D movie tickets, you can check online for the price.

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